I'm a cleaning fanatic… my easy tips will keep your kitchen smelling amazing with virtually no effort

WITH dirty drains and cooking smells lingering around, the kitchen is one of the rooms that becomes stuffy straight away.

But a cleaning whizz has revealed three simple ways that will instantly get rid of all the unpleasant odours caused by dirty kitchen sinks and nasty bacteria.

The self-titled ''Home Hacks Queen'', Carolina McCauley knows a thing or two about cleaning and her savvy hacks have amassed her a notable fanbase of over 1.7million followers on Instagram and more than 14million likes on TikTok.

The Aussie's tricks always go viral, with one such video revealing easy steps that will ensure your kitchen smells amazing.

According to the popular mum-of-two, the first thing to do is opening up your drains - this can be done with a butter knife - and cleaning off the residue food and oils stuck to the surface.


''Keeping drain connections clean will eliminate odours,'' she explained, whilst using hot water to remove the excess soap used in the process.

The TikTok guru also shared a recipe for a DIY spray, which she promised would kill bacteria.

''In a spray bottle use Alcohol + dish soap and water,'' Carolina instructed, creating a magic blue potion.

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In the video, the Aussie mum also showcased how effective the homemade solution was by using some to make the stove top as good as brand new.

I'm a cleaning fanatic… my easy tips will keep your kitchen smelling amazing with virtually no effort

As well as an easy bacteria-killing spray, Carolina then went on to give a tutorial on making scented water that, she insisted, would fill your kitchen with a fresh, zesty aroma.

For this, the video demonstrated, simply boil some slices of citrus with vanilla and vinegar in a medium size pot of water.

Once done, the secret concoction should leave the area with a lovely scent.

Viewers, some of whom were tagging their friends, took to the comments to thank Carolina and share their thoughts.

''Add rosemary to that boiling mix for chefs kiss,'' read one suggestion, with someone else writing: ''I Absolutely Love This IG Account [sic].''

However, there were also a few negative remarks, like this one: ''Definitely don't ever take your sink drain cover out, you disrupt the seal and can cause it to leak water afterwards.

''You're not a plumber, don't take plumbing apart.''

Another added: ''Removing that flange could cause leak if you don't replace it with plumbers putty.''

''But why use a butter knife that goes in your mouth when you can use a screwdriver,'' said a third critical viewer didn't seem to be impressed.

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