'I desperately want a baby but I’m stressed we can’t afford to become parents'

An aspiring mother says she's heartbroken at the idea of not being able to afford to have a child.

The anonymous woman told how she has been "desperate" to have children for three years but has postponed trying for a baby due to living with her parents.

Writing on Mumsnet, the 28-year-old says she is now living with her partner and that they're both ready to become parents.

But, after working out their income and factoring in the cost of childcare - user Pondz fears that motherhood may be out of her financial reach.

"I have looked into costs and everything and think we could manage… apart from the cost of childcare! I bring in £1,300 a month and my partner brings in £2,000 a month," the post reads.

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"The cost of putting a child in childcare looks to be around £900-£1,000 and I have been really heartbroken to realise that we may not physically have the money for that".

'I desperately want a baby but I’m stressed we can’t afford to become parents'

"But then if we spend £1,000 of that on childcare that only gives us £350 left for the whole month".

Pondz questioned whether the £350 leftover would be enough - and whether they would struggle to afford unplanned costs such as a car breaking down or dental visits.

"Spending £1,000 on childcare means we don’t have enough money to put any away into savings for emergencies," she added.

The post received a slew of messages from people offering their advice and saving tips.

"Start saving now and you’ll be fine!" one user said. "If your overall disposable is £1,350 then put away £600 a month now as this still leaves you £750 to enjoy life..."

Another added: "We have similar incomes (after-tax). It's a struggle, but the childcare is only for a couple of years. My son has turned three and now we get free hours of childcare which helps a lot (not full time but does help).

"It's definitely doable, but consider that you might have to work essentially for nothing for the next couple of years, if you want to keep your career going".

Are you worried about the cost of parenting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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