How to install a toilet

If your toilet is no longer properly functioning, it’s time for a replacement.

Your bathroom gets used a lot each day, so choosing the right toilet can help eliminate clogs and save water. From dual-flush, high-efficiency toilets to round or elongated bowls, there are plenty of toilet options to choose from.

Once you have selected your new toilet, installing it can be relatively simple and completed in about an hour.

First, ensure you have all the necessary tools nearby before you remove the old toilet. The toilet is attached to the floor with two closet bolts and nuts. Use a wrench to loosen the two nuts at the floor level. Disconnect the water supply from the wall, and then lift your toilet off the ground.

How to install a toilet

The tank is held onto the bowl with two bolts under the tank. Use a wrench to loosen and remove the nuts and detach the tank from the bowl.

Use a putty knife to remove all the old wax and any other debris around this area.

Now, you’re ready to install your new toilet. First, place a new wax ring firmly into the bottom of the toilet bowl connection. Lower your new toilet slowly over the flange and closet bolts then secure it with the nuts provided. Use your hand at first, then use wrench to give the bolts one more full turn. Avoid over tightening the bolts, which may lead to a cracked toilet.

If your new toilet has a separate tank, place a rubber gasket between the tank and the bowl and attach the bowl using the two bolts provided. Hand tighten again, and use a wrench for the final full turn.

Reattach the water supply and slowly turn the water back on, checking for leaks in three places: where the water supply attaches to the tank, where the tank attaches to the bowl, and underneath the toilet.

As a final step, seal around the base of the toilet with silicone caulk.

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