How to clean a toilet: Mum’s surprise after trying out Bunnings hack on her loo

An Aussie mum has revealed her unbelievable find after trying out the Bunnings Scalex hack, which has gone viral, to clean her toilet.

Sharing her story on Facebook, mum Ellie says she had spent two years trying every trick in the book to remove the bizarre residue on the bottom of her toilet.

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But it was only after reading about the wonders of Scalex that she found the miracle cure - and was able to remove the build-up, which shared an uncanny resemblance to a taco.

“What can I say except thank you. I saw the Scalex posts and gave it a crack,” Ellie said

“I can’t believe what has happened. I have been trying to get this gone for 2 years!

“I was even attacking it with a screwdriver and mallet!

“Obviously it’s quite disgusting but so satisfying ha ha.”

How to clean a toilet: Mum’s surprise after trying out Bunnings hack on her loo

Ellie’s discovery comes after a group of mums revealed the hack - eliminating the need for scrubbing or hard work.

Revealing all on the always fabulous Mums Who Clean Facebook page, the home cleaning experts reveal that the simple Bunnings product is all you need to banish the stains - which are usually caused from mineral deposits in your water, building up over time.

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Scalex - a heavy-duty home descaler by Hillmark - is available for around $11 from the hardware superstore.

Fans of the cleaning hack say it’s the only thing to solve the common cleaning product - all you have to do is pour it into the toilet bowl, leave overnight, give a quick clean with a toilet brush and then flush. You’re left with a sparkling white toilet, with no effort at all!

The popular Facebook group has been filled with before and afters from members, who swear by the technique.

“So I promised to report back on “operation toilet clean”. As an experiment, I tried most of the suggestions,” said Sam.

“Here are the results. Coca-Cola- Zero result; dishwasher tab - zero, Polident - zero, citric acid - about 20%. ( mostly just lightened it” )

“And then I used the Scalex - OMG - Brilliant!”

“SCALEX Look at the comparison,” said member Louise.

“Before anyone judges me no I am not a filthy person. No, my toilet does not look like that because I did not clean.

“I rent the property and the first pic is how the toilet was when I moved in I had tried everything.”