Homes Fit for Fashionistas

For someone with a cherished wardrobe or treasured archival pieces that are part of a fashion collection, the most important quality in a home is space to store it.

For some, that could translate to a room that functions as a gallery with custom display cabinets like the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, where fashion is showcased like art. The majority of clothing collectors, however, request more-than-ample closet space.

Homes Fit for Fashionistas

“Once, I had a client purchase a second apartment adjacent to theirs just to house a massive closet,” said Phillip Thomas, founder and principal of interior design firm Phillip Thomas Inc. in New York City.

When your wardrobe takes precedence, a closet becomes not just a repository for storage. It’s a designed and built-out dream space where everything has its place and is meant to be displayed. “A wardrobe is tailor made for giving fashion high-art treatment,” said Kelly Hinchman of Studio H design in San Diego, California. Open shelving treats accessories as treasured items. “Hat stands, jewelry stands and even small pieces of sculpture hold things up in a way that looks merchandised,” Ms. Hinchman said.

And it includes the attention to detail and level of design given to any other main room within the home. “It is so important to feel beautiful in your surroundings while you are dressing, so we always like to treat the closet with the same level of finishes as the [primary] suite,” Ms. Hinchman said. “Beautiful lighting and materials are a must.”

And a vanity area is essential.

“Luxe seating and a hair-washing basin can be added bonuses to a closet with the space for it. And if possible, we love to include room for a few people to sit and gather, because what's more fun than getting dressed with a girlfriend or your stylist,” Ms. Hinchman said.