Home owner’s bathroom makeover sparks intense debate over easy-to-miss detail - can you spot it?

A photo of a home owner’s bathroom makeover has sparked a social media debate over an unlikely detail.

Sharing on a popular Australian Facebook group, the woman posted the image of her toilet area to showcase the new look she’d created.

“Finally found the perfect art piece for the empty space above our toilet! Waiting your opinions!” she wrote on the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia page.

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While many congratulated the home owner on the “amazing” artwork, most were alarmed by an easy-to-miss feature on the wall.

Scores of Facebook users voiced their concern about the fact she had placed her toothbrushes on a shelf above the toilet.

“Ewwwww, the open toothbrush literally right next to your toilet,” one said.

“Hell, mine is locked away in a cupboard with a case on it and it’s in a separate room to my toilet.”

Another wrote: “Toothbrushes above the toilet. Poo flakes, wee and fart flakes and the toilet water flushings. Yuk!”

A third said: “Thought it was cute till I saw the toothbrushes.”

Home owner’s bathroom makeover sparks intense debate over easy-to-miss detail - can you spot it?

‘Oh no’

One more added: “Oh no. Please don’t tell me the toothbrush is for your mouth, it’s the only thing I see here.”

Said another: “Move the toothbrushes!”

But others rallied around the home owner, insisting she had nothing to worry about.

“There is a Myth Busters episode that proved it doesn’t matter where you stick your toothbrush in the entire house (yes, entire house), it is covered in an equal amount of faecal matter because that’s how much poo poo is floating around your house,” one said.

“Go stick it in a sealed box in the garage and you’re still brushing with poo poo.

“Guys, chill the **** out and enjoy your poo poo brushes.”

Another added: “I love the poo germ phobes.

“If you were aware of how many poop particles are pretty much everywhere you would be walking around in a bubble.

“Your phone for example I can bet is absolutely foul. Hair, car seats, keyboards, door handles pretty much most surfaces have poop particles.

“I mean men’s beards even have faecal matter in them.”

Some called for people to calm down on the issue.

“My toilet is next to my sink, been here 18-19 years. Toothbrush and toothpaste in a jar on the sink. Still not dead,” said one.