Hidden opportunities at home - how to solve your water pressure woes


Published: Wed 16 Mar 2022, 10:10 AM

Last updated: Wed 16 Mar 2022, 1:10 PM

It's a hot day. You had errands to run and you're finally home to take a nice, cool shower. You switch on the faucet. The water sputters and then flows; but the flow has poor pressure and you're forced to shower with a dripping and dribbling water flow from your showerhead, instead of a comfortable, pressurized jet of cool water. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Hidden opportunities at home - how to solve your water pressure woes

This is just one of the uncomfortable scenarios related to water usage at home. Poor water pressure doesn't only affect showering. Washing machines take longer to fill up, a dishwasher's performance is negatively affected, and even washing your hands becomes a time-consuming task, as you struggle to rinse the soap off because there just isn't enough water coming out of the pipes.

On the other hand, you should also be wary of high-water pressure as this can put a lot of unnecessary strain on your home's plumbing system, often leading to loosened joints or pinhole leaks in the pipes. Such drips and leaks often cause damage out of sight, behind walls, in ceilings, and in floors, causing mold, rot, and odour.

When water pressure is too high, water is wasted. On the other hand, when it is too low, it can take twice as long to complete a task which also ends up wasting water.

A recent qualitative study conducted in Dubai in 2022 revealed some of the most common pain-points associated with water transfer and water pressure, that individuals and households face today. The majority of the grievances identified were factors associated with water leakage, poor water pressure, loud pump noise, durability of the water pumps and lack of information and guidance when selecting the right water pump for their home.

Such concerns showcase the usage patterns and behaviours amongst various households, whether it may reflect in the form of high utility bills, the need to call a plumber every now and then, or even damage to your property. Such apprehensions make you wonder what you can do to resolve your water pressure problems and whether there is an opportunity to optimise your water consumption.

Grundfos Homes Solution provides you with products and pumps that are made of high-quality stainless steel, a superior material that can withstand the elements, ensuring durability and avoiding leaks. You can also be sure that if any faults arise with the water pumps, Grundfos Homes will step in to help with all you need. You can find support for any situation you might find yourself in; whether you need more information, repair and maintenance, help in finding spare parts, replacement pumps, and so much more.

The new Grundfos SCALA range - SCALA1 and SCALA2, available in the UAE, enables you to boost your water systems effectively and efficiently; with a variety of pumps ranging from applications of water boosting to water transfer, across all taps in your home. Ensuring that you always have adequate water supply and water pressure; from the peak hours of the morning to the slow hours in the afternoon, making sure to keep you going on-time. You can also learn more about their work and innovations by viewing the case studies on http://grundfos.ae/, which features how they overcame a number of challenges through determination, innovation, and sheer creativity.

While it can be an intimidating process of selecting and purchasing a water pump best suited for your home, you do not need to be an expert in water pressure to choose the right product. One of Grundfos's handy tools, to ensure you're choosing the right water pump for your home is the easy selection tool. You can select all the factors that are applicable to your homes (including the number of rooms, floors, and residents) and the tool will come up with a recommendation specifically tailored to your needs. This helps you overcome the apprehension that a storekeeper might mislead you because of your lack of expertise or their pre-existing agreements with different manufacturers.

Grundfos believes that the only way to build close relations with customers and stakeholders is to communicate openly and honestly about their products, their functionality, and how they can help customers achieve their needs. Therefore, the company has decided to engage with their customers at the Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, during the last week of March (20th March to 31st March) - in line with the Expo's initiative to raise awareness of issues related to water sustainability.

Grundfos was founded in Denmark in 1945 and is now present in 56 countries through 83 companies and a wide network of partners and sub-dealers. They aim to provide customers with all the knowledge they need to select their own water pump and feel confident in their choice.

For more information about Grundfos products and services, feel free to reach out by phone on +971 55 346 3576 or via email at contact@sales.grundfos.com. They would be delighted to help with all your inquiries.