Here is how to build a low-budget house in Kerala

Every common man dreams of building a house of one’s own where the family could enjoy special moments. However, they hesitate to take the first step as the skyrocketing costs of the building materials worry them. The COVID-19 outbreak added to this stress, as many lost jobs and income. Here are a few tips to consider while building a comfortable house that has all the amenities, on an affordable budget.

Is it practical to build a low budget house?Experts in this field say that there is no tricks or easy way to build a low-cost house as the price of the building materials are soaring every day. From the bricks, iron bars and cement to mettle and timber, these items cannot be purchased on a price lower than the market rates. So, excellent planning is required to build a house without breaking the bank. The plan of the house should be prepared after deciding the requirements of the family members. Moreover, the construction should not disrupt the ecological balance of the locality.

Unnecessary expenses could be avoided if there is a proper and well-defined plan. At every stage of construction, keep aside the amount that is required for the works, in advance. It must be kept in mind that it is almost impossible to complete the construction of a house by staying within the estimated budget. You must keep aside at least 20% amount as additional savings before the construction begins.


Planning is significantPlanning is the most vital factor in construction. One should have a clear idea about their requirements before preparing the plan. Trying to copy the features of other people’s houses could backfire as it might not suit your budget or needs. It would definitely be a bad idea to build huge abodes with multiple rooms for a small family. In that case, building a quaint home that is easy to maintain would be the best option. Having a small and comfortable house is better than going bankrupt after building a massive house that doesn’t serve your purpose.

Here is how to build a low-budget house in Kerala

MaterialsA sturdy foundation built using hard rocks will secure and support the structure, irrespective of the texture of the land. Laterite stones, hollow bricks or cement blocks could be used to build the walls. The availability of the materials is significant. So, make sure that the bricks or the stones that you have chosen are easily available in the area. It isn’t financially viable to transport the materials from far away. Before beginning the construction, enquire at the nearest shop whether the materials are available and whether transportation is possible. However, it is not wise to choose low quality materials just to save some bucks. Cheap materials could make your dream home a burden in a few years. Keep in mind that a house is a long-term investment.

TilesTiles have been the most popular flooring material lately as they are durable and elegant. However, the vitrified tiles may not be easy on the pocket. Gujarati tiles that cost Rs 20 – 25 and ceramic tiles that are available for Rs 40 – 50 are easily available in the market. However, most people choose tiles that cost up to Rs 350 just for the sake of using branded materials. It is vital to know that the low cost tiles are as sturdy and visually elegant as the branded ones. More than Rs 1 lakh could be easily saved if the flooring materials are chosen wisely.

Necessity and not luxury should be the factors to consider while buying other accessories. Try to stay within the budget while choosing the bathroom fittings. Commodes that cost more than Rs 50,000 are available in the market. However, durable and visually beautiful commodes and wash basins that cost up to Rs 1500 too are available. While purchasing the bathroom fittings, make sure that they have warranty and the documents should be kept for future reference.

LightsLighting is something that could make or break the overall look of the house. Besides, light fittings are one of the most expensive items. The current trend is to go for Chinese made light fittings that look opulent. However, many noted architects say that such low quality lights, that have a durability of just two or three years, should not be used in houses. You cannot even throw them away when they no longer work, making your premises a dump yard of e – waste.

It is better to purchase items that are moderately priced and highly durable. Visit more than one shop to compare the costs of the items before buying. Good quality light fittings are available for Rs 400 – 500 in North Indian cities like Moradabad and Delhi. These lights are long lasting and their spare parts too are easily available. Ceiling fans that suit your budget and need could be purchased from authorised showrooms.

Luxury or design gimmicks have no place in a regular house that is beautiful and budget friendly. Requirement is the main factor to consider while designing a low budget house. You could always replace these moderately priced items with expensive ones whenever you have money. Moreover, taking trips to buy good quality items on low price is never a waste of money.