Good Investments

I came in from a job, kicked off my work shoes in the hallway, and stepped into the laundry room to empty the dryer. I put the loaded basket under my arm after reloading the dryer as I then headed to the bedroom for a well-deserved shower. The chore took maybe thirty seconds. Its effects lasted much longer.

What’s good and fun about marriage is the knowledge and understanding that yours and mine have become ours. It’s a joint savings account. We’re constantly adding to and withdrawing from it. It’s a sense that you’re partners in a joint venture called marriage as we invest in something bigger, better, and stronger than either of us individually. George and Tammy used to sing, “We’re gonna hold on.” They didn’t but maybe we can.

Some days rolling out of bed putting one foot in front of the other is a great accomplishment. You grind your way until things finally begin to move a little easier. In the back of your mind is the reminder that it’s for us, not me alone. Without a spouse, children, or grandchildren it’s harder to motivate or justify our efforts to keep on plugging. Sometimes spouses and children especially from the man’s perspective may not realize that what motivates us is knowing we’ve got people counting on us. It gives us a reason to keep on keeping on. Without my wife and family I think I’d be happy in a cabin on a mountain top like the guys in the show Mountain Men.Some of the characters in the show admit they’re living a selfish life doing exactly what they want, even to the detriment of any other family members.

Good Investments

The longer you’re married, the less it is me and the more it is we. No offense but I don’t know how I’d handle just doing stuff for myself. God is looking out for us and knows what we need. It’s fun to feel that what you’re doing is going toward something bigger than ourselves. Knowing whether it’s laundry, dishes, a lawn, anything I can do to help her get through a day makes my day better. If she needs a cake to be iced, I gladly will do it. If I accidently get a lick or two off the ladle, then so be it.

IRA’s and 401K’s are nice. Savings accounts can help give peace of mind; however, nothing makes you feel better than knowing that you’ve partnered with someone you care about more than yourself and the result will be many times more valuable than just living for yourself.

By Dr. Juan Harrison