Faucet wobble can be corrected

Q. I have had some major remodeling completed in the last couple of months and I am generally satisfied with most of the contractor’s work. The project involved our kitchen, including cabinets, counters and sink and faucet. The faucet is one that is tall with an arc top for filling pots and such. My problem is the stainless double bowl sink allows the handle to wobble. I asked our contractor about it and he said that is just how it is with those materials choices. I have not seen this with a friend that has a similar set up. Is this something I must live with? — Bonnie in Fremont

A. Yes, stainless steel sinks will flex more than a cast iron or composite material sink. A lot of sink countertop combinations today are an undermount style with the faucet being mounted onto the countertop.

You can get thicker gauge stainless steel sinks that do not flex as much but come with a little higher price tag. Most good supply houses or designers will make those recommendations in the planning stage or material selection phase of the project.

Faucet wobble can be corrected

Most all common thinner gauge stainless steel sinks will flex with a high arc faucet; but most high arc faucets come with a support plate that gets installed on the underside of the sink to help support the high arc faucet.

Some remodelers will install the sink and then install the faucet and neglect to install the plate because it is kind of a pain from the underside.

A good plumber will install the faucet onto the sink before installing the sink to make ease of installing the plate.

I know Delta sells a stabilization plate separately. Be sure and get a match for your specific brand faucet. Check and see if the plate is installed; otherwise a thicker gauge stainless steel sink might have to be the answer.