Easy hacks to make your washing machine last longer and need fewer repairs

Using washing machines makes doing laundry so much easier and quicker - as we are reminded of when it comes to cleaning those pesky handwash-only items.

However, as useful as they are, washing machines are also the most likely of your electrical appliances to malfunction - meaning you'll be faced with a frustrating situation of being unable to do laundry and watching that pile mount up.

If you aren't careful with how you use your machine you may it needing repairs more often, sometimes forcing you to replace it with a new model.

Therefore, your washing machine requires proper maintenance and care, by you, to ensure it has a longer lifespan. Here are six simple tips that can help you make sure your washing machine lasts a long time.

Clean your washing machine frequently

Cleaning your washing machine regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep it in good shape.

Letting leftover water sit in your machine's drum after each cycle makes it easy for mould and mildew to build. So, regularly cleaning the inside of it is essential.

Similarly, you'll also have to descale your washer to get rid of any limescale that may have formed in the pipes.

Besides the drum, it's good to leave the door and detergent drawer open after each cycle to help the drying process as well as prevent mould.

Avoid overloading your washing machine

While it can be tempting to bung your entire laundry load in the machine - because who really enjoys doing it? - it can cause damage in the long run.

Easy hacks to make your washing machine last longer and need fewer repairs

This can cause the machine to fail in spinning the load at the end of the cycle, which can catch and damage your clothes between the door seal and the drum.

Instead, make sure you're allowing for a decent amount of space between the clothes pile and top of the drum.

Spread out the weight distribution

There are also methods to loading your washing machine, depending on the weight of the items you're washing.

For example, if you're washing some cloths or light clothing, balance out the lack of weight with a few towels or heavier items in order to give the machine enough oomph to spin thoroughly.

Failing to do so will put more pressure on the washing machine and its ability to spin.

Remove wet clothes immediately

Many of us have a tendency to wash our clothes and leave it in the drum - sometimes even cutting our losses and putting it through another washing cycle. This is a habit you should break if you want your machine to last longer.

If the smell from your mildewed clothes isn't bad enough to put you off, the gradual growth of mould in your washing machine should be.

Try to leave it no loner than 15 minutes post-cycle to remove your clothes from the washing machine drum.

Empty out pockets

Whether it's bobby pins, tissue, coins or even your phone, items left in your pocket can cause damage to your washing machine and its drum.

So, before you throw your clothes in the washer, turn pockets inside out. On a front load washer, you can even remove any missed items pockets inside out.

While you're at it, make sure to keep an eye for things like bra wires. These can damage clothing, puncture the sump hose or even cause blockages, so read the label before you wash bras. Either hand wash, or use a lingerie washing machine bag and only set it on a gentle cycle.

Don't use too much detergent

We get it, you want your clothes to smell super-fresh when they come out of the wash. However, it's time to calm down with the detergent.

Using scoops and scoops of detergent and fabric softener can actually cause your washing machine to put in extra work and leave stains on your clothes.

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