Easy Energy-Efficiency Upgrades Deliver a Quick ROI and Boost Your Building’s Benchmarking Grade

There are a number of easy and affordable ways to boost energy efficiency that can improve a building’s benchmarking score in New York City.

New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act, with its ambitious long-range emission reduction goals, is critical to addressing the global climate crisis.

But it also presents very real challenges for multifamily building owners and managers, who must navigate the city’s new Benchmarking Law, with its energy efficiency grading system, while dealing with the financial and operational impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And while compliance is voluntary for now, punitive damages will follow within the next few years as the city strives to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

The good news? There are a number of no- to low-cost ways to boost energy efficiency that improve not only your building’s benchmarking score but its profitability and value, too. Working with its energy efficiency implementation partner Leidos, National Grid offers a Benchmarking Program that starts with a no-cost walk-through and assessment of your building’s current performance, identifies easy-win opportunities you can take advantage of now, creates a roadmap for tackling more ambitious projects later, and supports you through every step of the process.

On the “easy win” side are quick fixes like low-flow showerheads and aerators, installed at no cost, and fixed rebates on small equipment upgrades that provide a quick return on investment.

Easy Energy-Efficiency Upgrades Deliver a Quick ROI and Boost Your Building’s Benchmarking Grade

May 12, 2021 / National Grid’s Direct Install Program Plays Critical Role in Lake George Water Conservation. (Photo by Mike Roy)

Direct Install Program

National Grid’s Direct Install program offers multifamily buildings no-cost installation of small, high-efficiency equipment that, when implemented in every dwelling unit, can make a big impact on the building’s performance while reducing residents’ energy bills. It includes:

Installing WiFi programmable thermostats in dwelling units makes it easy for residents to automatically lower the setting overnight and for blocks of time when no one is home.

Prescriptive Program

National Grid’s Prescriptive program provides building owners with incentives for small equipment upgrades in the form of deemed rebates that make costs clear upfront. Among them are several lower-cost, easy-win projects that can translate into significant savings for multifamily buildings, including:

Custom Measures

Custom incentives are available for a variety of projects, including energy monitoring systems, heat recovery units, large heating equipment, condensing water or other custom water heating projects, insulation, and other natural gas uses and applications. Pre-approved projects receive a one-time incentive of $2 per therm, based on the estimated first year savings up to 70%. This includes weatherization. Any building envelope improvements will receive an $11 per therm incentive based on an estimated first-year savings up to 70% of project costs to a maximum of $100,000 in Long Island and the Rockaways and $200,000 in New York City.

Starting with a few easy wins now can put your building on the path to greater energy efficiency ahead of this year’s May 31 benchmarking deadline. To learn more, call 877-316-9491 or visit ngrid.com/multifamily.