Dual-flush toilet offers efficiency, flexibility

Q: I want to install a new water-saving toilet. From what I’ve read, I like the dual-flush concept, with lighter flushes for liquids/light TP, and standard flushes for solids. Can you please give me some dual-flush toilet tips?

A: With a dual-flush toilet, the user has a little more control on how the toilet distributes its flushing water. A dual-flush toilet is considered a water-saving model because it offers an efficient, lighter flushing choice. (As with any toilet, check and meet all local plumbing codes before you purchase and install.)

As for the type of dual-flush toilet that may be a good replacement choice for you, I’ve worked with a few:

Dual-flush toilet offers efficiency, flexibility

Manual tower flush. This model usually has two manual flushing buttons located on the lid of the toilet tank.

Electronic flush. These high-tech models use electronically controlled pumps to set flushing durations.

Manual dual-lever flushing. Using a two-piece mechanism on the side of the tank, you can choose a full or reduced flush — now that’s a clever lever.


Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.

Ed Del Grande