‘Doing it wrong all this time!’ Unbelievable TikTok toilet hack will blow your mind

A mum’s toilet cleaning hack has gone viral on TikTok, proving to millions that they’ve been using a very common product incorrectly all this time.

In the video, user @KerryGreenacre shows people exactly how you’re meant to attach deodorisers - which are sold at Woolworths and Coles supermarkets - to the rim of your toilet.

Watch the viral toilet cleaning hack above

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The toilet cleaners traditionally have a plastic handle which many believe are meant to be fitted over top of the toilet bowl.

However attaching the deodorisers this way almost never works, and results in the plastic sticking out awkwardly over loo.

‘Doing it wrong all this time!’ Unbelievable TikTok toilet hack will blow your mind

Now the UK mum-of-three has explained that the toilet cleaners’ plastic handles are in fact meant to be fitted under the rim, inside the gap where water runs.

“If you put your toilet cleaning products over the rim of your toilet, stop doing that,” she explained.

“They’re meant to go inside the rim.”

Many Facebook users were blown away by the TikTok video, which has attracted millions of views and reactions.

“My mind is officially blown,” said one.

Another said: “How have I never known this? I’ve literally been doing it wrong all these years.”

Wrote one more: “I was 59 years old when I learnt this. It’s actually pretty unbelievable.”

Said one more: “I actually stopped buying these because I hated how they poked out. Aren’t I the idiot?!”