DIY lover creates incredible kitchen island for just £100 using IKEA bookcases

An amateur DIY fan has saved hundreds of pounds after knocking together a kitchen island made from IKEA bookcases.

Vikki Cosgrove says she's "never been prouder" after replacing her dated old table herself - spending just £114 in the process.

With her heart set on a new island, the 33-year-old, from Andover, Hampshire, looked around for freestanding sets online, but was flabbergasted by the prices, which started from around £600.

"I have always wanted an island but I didn't think I could ever afford one and I have such a small space to work in, I didn't think it would ever work," she said.

After learning to use a drill in lockdown, she was determined to find a way to make it work so she searched the internet for a hack.

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Vikki found someone who had built one themselves using old IKEA furniture and she decided to give it a go.

Heading off to the store with her mum, they picked up one large Billy bookcase, costing £25, and one small, costing £15, which would act as the base.

On top, she used a tabletop from the desk section (£25) and bought two brackets to put it together, priced at £3 each.

Finally, Vikki also picked up three high stools, which were reduced from £19 to £5 each, at the Swedish furniture store.

At a separate hardware store, she then bought some screws and a tongue and groove pack of five for £28, to cover the back of the bookcases.

The materials for the island cost £99, plus £15 for the stools – bringing the total to £114.

Although Vikki already had a drill, a screwdriver set and a sander, she also invested in a small jigsaw from B&M for £21.99.

Her mum helped her with the initial building of the flatpack but then she got to work by herself, piecing it all together.

She said: “I assembled the two bookshelves, then screwed them together using the hardware store screws and a spirit level to ensure they were level.

DIY lover creates incredible kitchen island for just £100 using IKEA bookcases

"Once they were screwed in using the holes already in the shelves, I flipped it over to add the tongue and groove to the back.

“I measured the total width of the bookcases, which in this case was 120cm.

"I measured each part of the tongue and groove and cut it using the jigsaw. I did this to all five pieces and then sanded the edges down.

“I got nail tacks and hammered these in, which finished off the back as well as giving it more strength.

“I then added on the tabletop, measuring all around to ensure it was even on each side so it wouldn’t be too heavy on one side.

“I drilled holes into the top of the bookshelf and then screwed through the holes to secure the top to the shelves.

“I added the brackets to secure the top and more to the bottom to secure it to the floor to stop it from toppling."

With a little more help from her parents, she put the chairs together and slid them underneath.

The finished island now has pride of place in her kitchen and she was able to give away the tired dining table and chairs she had before.

She said: “I have never been prouder of myself. I have been single for a long time so decided it was time to learn how to DIY, and I have loved it!

"Everyone has been so complimentary, even carpenters and builders have said what a good job I have done.

"I cannot wait to have people round for dinner and cocktails.”

Vikki posted a clip of her work on TikTok and over 20,000 people viewed her project.

One person said: "You did so well. The end result is really nice too. Better than the little set you had."

"What a difference that makes. Defines the whole space. Well done," added someone else.

"I love Billys but I was sceptical. But nope. It’s gorgeous!!! Amazing job!" wrote a third person."

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