Did someone say budget kitchen makeover? These fab worktop wraps start at £4.50

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  • If you’re hoping to give your tired kitchen a refresh in 2022, but not sure you’ll get around to it thanks to the cost of living prices rising drastically, you need to know about kitchen worktop wrap.

    We’ve been doing some research ourselves for budget kitchen ideas, so that you can spruce your space without breaking the bank, and this one comes out on top. With the average price of a new kitchen worktop costing between £75 and £150 per linear metre (thanks SmartSpender!), we’re here to tell you how to spend less than £25 on an aesthetically pleasing worktop.

    You’ve heard of people using vinyl to wrap their kitchen cupboards before, right? Well, you can also use this stuff on your worktops, around your sink and hob to transform the place in which you socialise, cook and the area in which most of us also dine.

    The kitchen worktop wraps that we’ve spotted at B&Q, Amazon and Wilko start from just £4.50 for 2-metres of vinyl. That’s an incredible £145.50 saving in the worst possible scenario. Let’s remember, though: you won’t be getting a brand new worktop for this price, only a new look. But why not do this as a temporary solution until you can save for a brand new kitchen?

    We needn’t even delve into why your kitchen worktops are one of the most important design elements of your kitchen. So, let’s get straight to trying to fix yours whilst spending less than £25. Whether your kitchen worktops are the same now as when you first moved into your home, or perhaps you changed them a few years ago but have since regretted your pick? You could even be a renter, as worktop wraps are easily removable so landlord-friendly.

    Here are our favourite worktop wraps that you can buy online today, for a weekend DIY. Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews. And we explain everything you need to fit your worktop wrap, below.

    Want more affordable makeover hacks? See how this Mum refreshed tired-looking kitchen counters and doors for £50 with B&Q self-adhesive film.

    Where to buy kitchen worktop wrap

    Just a note: be sure to measure your worktops before you buy. The majority of worktop wraps are 2m in length but will differ in depth. You’ll need to ensure the worktop wrap you choose spans the depth of your worktop or it will look strange. And don’t forget that you won’t be able to put a hot pan on your worktop once it has been wrapped, so you’ll need to invest in a trivet or two.

    D-C-Fix Marmi Grey Self Adhesive Film 45cm x 2m: £4.50 at WilkoThis marble-effect worktop wrap measures 2 metres long by 45cm wide, and it’s less than a fiver per roll. It has a whopping 4.8-star rating from nearly 100 reviewers, and it’s heat-resistant up to 75°C. Wipe it clean with ease and use this marble vinyl to brighten up your kitchen.

    Buy from Wilko

    D-C-Fix Dark grey Slate effect Self-adhesive film (L)2m (W)680mm: £6.50 at B&QFor just £2 extra per roll, you can get this dark slate-effect worktop wrap from B&Q. It’s designed for bright kitchens and for those who would prefer a darker worktop. Again, it’s heat-resistant and removable, and it’ll be sure to add a luxe look to your kitchen.

    Buy now at B&Q

    Did someone say budget kitchen makeover? These fab worktop wraps start at £4.50

    D-C-Fix Beige Marble effect Self-adhesive film (L)2m (W)680mm: £6.50 at B&QThis slightly more luxurious looking marble will make your kitchen look a thousand pounds – literally. Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews and the photos posted by reviewers online. It’s a gorgeous natural marble effect that’ll add dimension to your space. Plus, it’s much easier to look after than real marble. Win-win!

    Buy now from B&Q

    Fablon FAB11880 67.5 cm x 2 m Roll: £8.98 at AmazonNow for the wood effect worktop wraps, and we’ve started with a bang as this one isn’t just from Amazon, but it’ll give a luxury look to your worktops that might need it. It looks just like Brazilian rosewood with colourful streaks of different colour woods, to add dimension to your cooking space.

    Buy now from Amazon

    D-C- Fix Adhesive 90cm x 2.1m Concrete: £9 at WilkoConcrete-effect worktops without the expense? We thought you’d be interested. This vinyl looks like the real deal, and it has a 5-star rating by 30 happy reviewers. Use it on your kitchen worktops, on your furniture, doors or even to spruce up a plant pot or two at home. It’s super versatile, to say the least. It’s a no-brainer if your kitchen is in need of a little texture.

    Buy now from Wilko

    D-D-Fix Self-Adhesive Film, Sonoma Light Oak: £11.99 at AmazonOpt for this light oak adhesive to wrap your worktops if you want to go for something lighter yet not white or grey. It looks as real as it gets, plus it makes your worktops easier to clean thanks to its smooth surface. It looks textured and anything but boring. We say to go colourful on your kitchen cupboards with this one…

    Buy now from Amazon

    What will I need to apply my worktop wrap?

    First of all: patience. This is definitely not a quick, 15 minute job. Follow our steps below to apply yours successfully for an instant kitchen refresh.

    You will need:

    ScissorsA pencilAn unused card (like a credit card or loyalty card)

    How to apply your kitchen worktop wrap:

    1. Start by measuring the total size of your worktop, length and depth. If your worktop wrap is 2m in length, then measure 2 metres of your worktop at a time, and also take a measurement for the depth of your worktop. Bear in mind that a roll won’t stretch entirely over your worktop lengthways, so you will have to use two or more and blend the pattern. Or, your worktops might be already in sections so you will need to trim the length of your wrap.

    2. Note down how large your worktops are and draw them with dimensions on a piece of scrap paper. Here, you can work out how many rolls you need of wrap.

    3. Grab your first roll of wrap and, using a pencil, trace the size of your worktops leaving a 2-3cm distance for cutting, to allow for tucking and trimming.

    4. Once you’ve traced this out, you can start to apply the wrap. Before you do this, ensure your worktops are clean and free from dirt or crumbs, and also dry or it won’t stick properly.

    5. Start from one corner, and slowly peel the backing off the roll as you stick the wrap into the corners of your worktop. Using a card, press to flatten the wrap onto your worktop, ensuring you are getting rid of any air bubbles as you go.

    6. When it gets to the edges, tuck the wrap underneath so that the edges cannot be seen.

    7. Once you are happy with where your worktop wrap is sitting, and that it hasn’t got any air bubbles or lines in it, then you can begin to trace around it with scissors or a sharp knife. This is to give a finer finish to your tiles and walls. Do this slowly to ensure you don’t cut too much off.

    8. Repeat with the next roll of worktop wrap, until you get to your sink or hob. In this case, you will need to measure your sink or hob and then draw this to the exact size on the back of the wrap, as you trace the outline of your worktops. Cut it out and when applying, use your card to push air bubbles out to the edges of your sink or hob. Cut around for a nice finish.

    9. Marvel at your own work and post a pic on Instagram to wow your followers!