Couple spruce up their 'tired' home and add £63k to its value with Facebook bargains

Couple who added £63k to their old, tired property scoured the internet for second-hand goods to dramatically slash the cost of the renovation.

Ewelina Mejka, 37, and her husband Przemek, from Rugby, bought a home together after they got married but didn’t have the funds to purchase a new build.

They bought a ‘doer upper’ three-bedroom property for £157,000 and renovated the entire house with minimal help from professional tradesmen, reports CoventryLive.

Ewelina, who works as a carer, told CoventryLive: "We decided after we got married that we wanted to buy a house, but we didn't get enough mortgage to buy a house where nothing else needed to be done.

"So we started to look for a house to renovate and that's how it all started.

"I love the boho style and fortunately my husband does too."

Przemek took time off work to help with the renovation and the couple worked tirelessly from morning until late evenings to get the job done.

First, Ewelina and Przemek ripped off all the old wallpaper in the rooms and replaced the floors, bathroom and entire kitchen.

However, they hired workers to fit new windows and doors, and to install a boiler.

Couple spruce up their 'tired' home and add £63k to its value with Facebook bargains

They managed to get a brand new Ikea kitchen set for free and assembled it themselves.

Ewelina purchased most of the materials from Facebook marketplace and scoured the internet for bargains, cutting their costs dramatically.

Their entire home renovation cost £18,000 - raising the value of their home to £220,000.

With the help of friends and family, the couple managed to finish the renovation work in just six weeks.

Speaking about the process, Ewelina, said: "My husband took time off from work and we both sat there from morning until evening. We were helped a lot by family and friends, without them it would not have been possible to finish renovating the whole house in six weeks. The entire house was renovated from top to bottom."

She added: "I knew from the start that I wanted to decorate the house in this style.

"There are natural colours and accessories throughout the house."

Ewelina found all the materials on the internet to be "cheap and of good quality". Most of the new furniture was sourced from Facebook Marketplace. They put together the kitchen they bought from Ikea to cut the assembly cost in half.

"It is certainly not an easy job and you need a lot of free time to do it yourself, but you can save a lot of money this way.

"Many things can be bought on the internet for half the price than in a shop, but you have to start looking earlier. Sometimes furniture from Facebook marketplace only needs to be sanded and painted to look like new."

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