Clean It, Fix It star disgusted by 'filthy, nightmarish' discovery in man's toilet - and forced to take extreme measures

HOME improvement show Clean It, Fix It has made many skins crawl since its BBC One debut in November, 2021.

But speaking to The Express, cleaner Maxine Dwyer opened up about one particular experience that left her reeling in shock during the show.

Clean It, Fix It trio Tommy Walsh, expert cleaner Maxine and carpenter Asher Edwards are roaming the country, looking for any messy homes that would need some tending to.

However, as viewers of the programme can expect, cleaning other people's houses can sometimes be a challenge which requires some mental preparation.

For Maxine, it included some alone time as she recalled that Tommy and Asher couldn't stomach some of their projects as they would be retching.

Maxine recalled one makeover where a young professional left them their home to clean.

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"You'll see that when the episodes come out", she first teased, before adding: "It was the young professional's washroom where I had to put a special suit on, and I asked Ash if I could borrow a screwdriver to dig out the black stuff in the toilet."

Clean It, Fix It star disgusted by 'filthy, nightmarish' discovery in man's toilet - and forced to take extreme measures

"With the young professionals, they were busy, and their rooms were immaculate."

Asher and Tommy made sure they could avoid the bathrooms and Maxine ended up having to take on the task herself.

"They didn't want to do that, and it was absolutely filthy", she said, "It was a complete nightmare to film. I had to wear a Tyvek suit, that's how filthy it was."

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Maxine spoke about their tiring work schedule and mentioned that the trio only have a day to complete their home makeovers, which only adds to the pressure.

"We have one day and of course, you know how filming is, it's all stop and start", she said.

"You have a break, then the rain comes, and we stop again. It's well crazy and tiring."

After heading to South London in recent episodes, Maxine, Tommy and Asher will take off for Bristol to help a busy household of nine young professionals.

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