Best Toilets of 2022

State-level restrictions: Some of our top-rated toilets are actually illegal in a handful of states. California, Colorado, Texas, and Washington have all banned the sale or installation of toilets that don’t meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense standard of 1.28 gallons, on average, per flush. (Several other states are scheduled to enact similar regulations over the next few years.) But any loo that meets the EPA’s standard is lawful nationwide—and several of those models rate among the best toilets we’ve tested, including some dual-flush models with a partial-flush button for liquid waste.

Best Toilets of 2022

Variants: Before you purchase your toilet, double-check to make sure you’re getting the exact model you want. We’ve seen some toilets with similar model names or numbers that are available in multiple variants. For example, one version of the Kohler Kelston meets the WaterSense standard, while another does not. Similarly, the Glacier Bay N2420 has an elongated bowl, while the Glacier Bay N2428-DF has a round bowl. Chris Regan, CR’s senior test project leader for toilets, says that when it comes to variations in water use or bowl shape in toilets that seem similar, “sometimes there’s no difference, sometimes there is, so we have to take it on a case by case basis.”

Seats and hardware: Also note that some toilets recommended by CR do not come with a seat, a wax ring, or mounting hardware, so you’ll need to buy those separately. Expect to pay at least $40 extra for all the necessary accessories.

CR members can read on to find a handful of our top-ranked models, across a few popular styles and prices. Dozens of other great toilets have earned CR’s recommendation as well, all tracked in our full toilet ratings. And for more information as you shop, check out our toilet buying guide.