Best bathroom gadgets you never knew existed

hether you are looking to make your bath time that extra bit glamorous with a disco light and a bubble bath machine, or add practical essentials like a high tech toilet brush or a mirror with an in-built demister, we've gathered the best bathroom gadgets on offer that you will want in your life.

Star ars Shower Head

From a shower far, far away comes this Darth Vader inspired shower head. May the force be with you while you shower with this fun addition to your bathroom. The shower head has three settings and is aterSense-certified to ensure that you are saving water while fight against the rule of the Galactic Empire.

£48.99 | Amazon |Buy it now

SipCaddy Shower Portable Cupholder Caddy

No more crying over spilt drinks. This device sticks to the side of your bath or hot tub and holds wine glasses, bottles, mugs or cans. Available in a variety of colours; purple, red, black, pink and blue, it attaches to any smooth surface for a drink anywhere and anytime.

£12.99 | Amazon |Buy it now

HBlife Toilet Paper Holder

Easy to install with a peel and stick or simply drilling it to the wall, this toilet paper holder will make your life easier. Store your phone, watch, iPad and more on the top of the holder to keep it safe while you are in the shower or bath.

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Goatee Template

Get the goatee of your dreams with every shave with this device. The Goatee Template is an adjustable stencil that allows you to shave precisely and in your desired shape.

£14.99 | Amazon |Buy it now

Star Line® LED Shower Head

Bring a colourful disco to your shower with LED lights. No electricity or batteries required, the lights work automatically as soon as you turn your water on. Child friendly and quiet, this shower head also reduces your water consumption.

£22.70 | Amazon |Buy it now

TubShroom The Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector

This may not the most glamorous product on this list but it is so practical. This little device fits inside your drain and collects the hair in your bath. No one likes cleaning out the drain and the TubShroom will save you that added expense of having to pay for a plumber. The mushroom shape allows water to flow, it is simple to clean and there are five colours available. It is also composed of long-lasting industrial strain silicone so you won't need to replace it very often. This is set to become your new bathroom hero.

£12.99 | Amazon |Buy it now

Bath Lights Show

Best bathroom gadgets you never knew existed

Bring the disco to your bath or hot tub with a light show. From a gentle glow, to full on rave lighting, the bulb can be placed underwater or on the water’s surface for your very own light show. Add ambiance with your very own music.

£4.49 | Find Me A Gift |Buy it now

Phoenix 750mm Magic Mirror

This smart mirror has bluetooth connectivity and a built in speaker that allows you to play and enjoy music from your phone or device. It also has an on/off motion sensor heated demister to clear any condensation before it even appears.

£250.23 | Trade Plumbing |Buy it now

Mi iper

A cheaper alternative to that age old problem with condensation, the Mi iper is a car windscreen wiper but for your bathroom mirror. Removing steam quickly and practically without leaving watermarks, it also has a suction to attach it to the mirror.

£3.69 | Amazon |Buy it now

Bath Bubble Machine

Never underestimate the power of a relaxing bath for a bit of TLC – and for kids and adults alike, this bath bubble machine will add an extra bit of fun to your winding down time. Pamper yourself with a glass of wine and a bubble filled bath at the end of a long day.

£19.99 | Find Me A Gift |Buy it now

Potty Piano

Channel Tom Hanks in Big from the comfort of your very own toilet seat. This mini piano allows you to play music with your feet. Sitting on the toilet just got a whole lot more fun.

£15.99 | Tesco |Buy it now

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light

There’s nothing worse than needing the toilet in the middle of the night, having to turn on the lights and then not being able to get back to sleep. ell, this handy device stops that. The night light illuminates the inner bowl and it has a motion sensor and light detector that automatically turns it on and off. Easy to fit, it hooks on to the rim of the toilet and there are nine different colours available as well as a dimmer to adjust the brightness.

£14.99 | Amazon |Buy it now


Far more hygienic than a regular toilet brush, this handheld device targets those hard to clean areas with just a touch of a button. ith a powerful water jet, this battery operated machine never touches the toilet and is designed in a minimalistic and modern style to fit in with your aesthetic.

£39.99 | Loogun |Buy it now


hile all these products have their individual appeal for practicality and fun, our favourite has to be the Darth Vader shower head as it makes the ideal gift for any die-hard Star ars fan.