Berkshires, A New Poll Says Some Of Us Eat While Sitting–Where?

Here's a question, Berkshire County: Out of all the places you could sit down and throw some food down your throat, would you ever consider eating on the Porcelain God? You know what I mean, right? The Throne. The Oval Office. The Squatty Potty. The One Seater. The Bench Hole. The Pot.

It goes by many names but the bottom line is you know what I'm referring to. The Toilet. The very thought of scarfing down a snack while I'm sitting there surrounded by numerous potential germs is just not appealing to me. Would that be your go-to spot to grab a bite?

I only ask that question because according to a new survey conducted by British news agency South West News Service(SWNS), one out of six adults have eaten food while perched on the potty.

Berkshires, A New Poll Says Some Of Us Eat While Sitting–Where?

Talk about strange eating habits...and that's not the half of it. SWNS reports that they polled 2,000 adults on the strangest places where they have snuck a snack and some of the results were surprising...and strange.

Here are just some of the interesting responses regarding weird places to eat that the poll turned up: In the elevator; in the hot tub; in a public stairwell; in the bath; while driving; and in a swimming pool.

And while I personally would never consider snacking on the toilet, you may feel differently. Keep in mind, though, I'm just talking about my toilet. Public toilets also made the list--EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

There are many other interesting findings from the study including the most commonly eaten snacks in strange places and the most common reasons why we feel we have to snack in secret. For more, visit SWSN's website here.

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