Bedroom mirror ideas – 10 beautiful styles and clever design techniques

Bedroom mirror ideas can bring so much to the room. Aside from their obvious usefulness, mirrors can brighten a room, and provide a fresh view of the space. They can also be as decorative as any piece of artwork you might choose to hang.

And they even have the potential to create the illusion of depth or another space beyond the bedroom.

Below, we’ve put together bedroom mirror ideas to inspire and shared the ways they can make more of the room.

Bedroom mirror ideas

Singles, pairs, and groups are all bedroom mirrors worth contemplating for your bedroom ideas. When selecting think about the overall size of the mirror(s) but also about the relative proportions of the mirrored surface and any frame. Pay attention to frame material as well to select the perfect design.

1. Make the room cozy

Among your bedroom mirror ideas, consider positioning them either side of the bed. As well as giving the room depth, with a lamp in front, mirrors can make it feel snugger.

‘Hanging a sleek mirror over a bedside table adds dimension and perspective,’ says Emily Dunn of Emily Dunn Interior Design. ‘The reflection of light from a bedside table adds a cozy bedroom element at night.’

2. Take an unusual approach with a mirrored headboard

Headboard ideas can totally transform a bedroom – but there's much more to them than simply placing a padded board behind your bed's head.

If your have a small bedroom, or are lacking in wall space, then look no further than a mirrored headboard. What's more, it can help the space feel bigger and reflect light to lighten up a room.

3. Choose an antiqued finish

Think about the qualities of the mirror glass itself and how it will contribute to the room‘s aesthetic.

Bedroom mirror ideas – 10 beautiful styles and clever design techniques

‘Antiqued mirrors soften and diffuse light in a wonderfully calming way that is perfect in a bedroom,’ says Kristin Kong of K Kong Design. ‘The wonderful sparkle they provide adds to the glamor of the luxury bedroom materials on the bed and blinds for a truly sumptuous sanctuary.’

4. Focus on the frame

Turn the tables on convention with a mirror that changes the usual reflective surface to frame proportions. Here the mirror and the surrounding gold detail create a light-reflective and opulent center while the remainder of the frame adds wonderful textural detail set against the sophisticated wall decor ideas and covering.

5. Scale down the mirror

Bedroom mirror ideas for guest bedrooms don’t need to be large scale to make an impression as part of the room’s design.

‘I love using mirrors of all shapes and sizes as they always add another window idea in a room,’ explains Courtnay Tartt Elias with Creative Tonic. ‘I particularly love playing with the scale of mirrors like this one above the bed. It looks like a little reflective kiss above the headboard.’

6. Focus on materials

To make your bedroom scheme cohesive focus on frame materials when shortlisting bedroom mirror ideas. Metallics can be repeated in furniture via cabinet knobs and drawer pulls and table legs, in lamp bases and shades, and in decorative accessories.

Gold framing is warm as well as luxurious or, for a cooler but still sophisticated note, select silver tones. If the room’s rustic, wood will fit the bill.

7. Echo the room’s aesthetic

A modern bedroom scheme with unfussy detail deserves a mirror that’s equally sleek with a simple and slim frame. But you might want to be inspired by this room where the mirror has a curvaceous shape that contrasts with the lines of the bed. It works alongside the appealing textural qualities of the upholstery and bedroom curtain ideas to make this a contemporary room that’s a soothing space, too.

8. Discover the benefits of a floor-length mirror

A floor-length mirror is a practical addition to any bed ideas, but it also has enormous decorative benefits.

‘Mirrors are a fantastic way to weave depth and dimension into any interior, and the floor-length piece here creates a bold statement in this tone-on-tone primary bedroom,’ says Benjamin Johnston with Benjamin Johnston Design.

‘Reflecting natural light and mirroring the surrounding design elements, it visually enlarges the space while balancing out the room’s texture-rich design through sheer volume and a welcome sense of grandeur.’

9. Showcase an antique

An antique mirror can make a beautiful focal point for a bedroom and can be set against contemporary artwork elsewhere in the room.

‘We turned to color and custom furnishings and drapery to create this tranquil primary bedroom that is punctuated by welcome bursts of vibrant blue hues,’ explains Sarah Eilers of Lucas Eilers Design Associates.

‘Complementing the modern fine art photography, the antique mirror serves as a beautiful yet unexpected focal point that lends warmth while paying homage to my client’s passion for mixing old and new.’

10. Make a small bedroom feel bigger

Clever bedroom styling ideas with mirrors can make a small bedroom feel larger. One way to achieve this is to fit mirrors up to ceiling height either side of the bed so they create the illusion of alcoves.

As with any bedroom mirror check the view you’re creating before hanging to ensure you’re reflecting the room’s most elegant features.

Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom?

A mirror can be placed on either side of the bed for attractive symmetry and to add detail to the room’s main feature. Alternatively, hang a single mirror above the bed, but here it can be advisable to call on a professional to be sure it’s hung safely. Avoid hanging a mirror alongside the bed as this can create a feeling of discomfort.

Bedroom mirrors can also be associated with bedroom furniture below, such as a vanity or dresser, or hung above a mantelpiece.

How many mirrors should be in a bedroom?

It’s a good idea to opt for at least two mirrors in any bedroom for practical reasons, and this would include both a full-length version, and a smaller one. However, these don’t have to be part of the decor: a long mirror could be located in a closet or incorporated into your dressing room ideas, for example.

Decoratively, mirrors can function like artwork so hanging one solo or grouping them will boost the number in the room. Alternatively, use a pair either facing one another to make the room feel bigger, or either side of the bed for symmetry and light reflection.