Water bill costs: Simple bathroom switch could save you up to £277 a year

Average water bills are set to join a long list of things that will rise from April.

While the rise is minimal (1.7% or around £7 a year), with everything else going up it's never been more important to make savings anywhere we can.

We may think things as trivial as taking a bath or shower don't make much difference - but they can.

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The cost of running a bath - or taking a power show - is significantly more than taking a regular shower.

Multiplied over the weeks and months, this really does add up.

Money Stepper suggests by switching from baths to regular showers, the average household could save up to £277 a year.

The saving helper website has also listed a number of ways you can save even more while bathing:

Water bill costs: Simple bathroom switch could save you up to £277 a year

Use only the amount of water you need

If you're taking a bath, there's no need to fill it right to the top.

Take shorter showers

If you can reduce an eight minute shower by two minutes, you'll save 25% - which with a power shower could mean over £100 a year.

Not only that but you'll have more than 12 hours extra each year to use how you wish.

Install a water-efficient shower head

Many are available for less than £20 and the savings on your water and energy bill mean you'll get this back very quickly.

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