TUSHY’s New Electric Bidet Will Become Your Bathroom Throne

Scouting Report: The TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat is a throne in your bathroom. Prepare to be spritzed, sprayed, dried, and dazzled.

I like to think of myself as a sort of clean butt pioneer. You know how everybody was jumping on the bidet train in the early days of the pandemic, hoping a splash of water on their behind would save them from the toilet paper shortage sweeping the nation? Well, I bought my first bidet (a TUSHY classic bidet) back in 2019 so I was standing—umm, sitting—on my clean butt pedestal, completely un-phased by the phenomenon.

Fast forward a few years and I was ready for something new. Enter the TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat. This paperless, bum-cleaning contraption is not just a basic bidet (which usually attaches to the back brackets of your existing toilet seat), the Ace is a bidet system integrated into an entirely separate toilet seat that will replace your old seat. Until I tried it out, I never knew a toilet seat could be so comfortable. I actually think it’s more comfortable than most of the chairs in my house, which probably means I need some new furniture.

The TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat is basically a throne in your bathroom. You sit down, get comfortable, and settle in for the best poo of your life. You can adjust the water pressure, the temperature of the water, and of the seat itself (don’t discount how nice a warm seat feels on a chilly day.) Unlike most bidets, which only have a single, stationary nozzle to wash your backside, the electric Ace nozzle has both “bum” and “front” settings. Not only can you switch the nozzle from front to back, but you can also adjust the angle so the water stream hits anywhere between the “bum” and the “front”. When you feel sufficiently clean, hit the “dry” button for a burst of fresh air.

TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

This luxury bidet toilet seat comes in round or elongated shapes.

TUSHY’s New Electric Bidet Will Become Your Bathroom Throne

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How does one manage all of this newfound power? With a remote control, of course! The TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat comes with a convenient remote that magnetically attaches to a wall mount so it’s easy to keep track of. You could also just throw the remote on top of the toilet or in a bathroom drawer. Should you or someone in your household (kids, pets, irresponsible roommates) lose the remote, you can still activate the front, bum, and dry functions with buttons on the side of the seat but you wouldn’t be able to adjust the nozzle angle, water or seat temperatures.

Supposedly, the average person should be able to install the TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat “ass-terpiece” in about 30 minutes by following the very detailed (and hilarious) instruction manual. I had installed my first TUSHY bidet myself but my super was already in my apartment working on a few other things so I asked if he could install the Ace for me. I figured he could do it much faster and much more easily since he oversees hundreds of apartments (and toilets). Well, after an hour, he had recruited another helper and made a trip to the hardware store and still wasn’t done. I suggested he look at the manual, which he hadn’t even considered. After a quick peak, he had it up and running in 10 minutes. In other words, please read the manual.

The only downside of having a TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat at home is that it completely spoils you. Now, I’m thoroughly underwhelmed and downright disappointed anytime I have to use someone else’s toilet seat. Since I spend weeks (or months) at a time caring for my mom at her home, I’m also getting an Ace for her place. Supposedly, the Ace is for her (bidets can be very helpful hygiene tools for seniors and disabled individuals) but really, it’s for me. I know the TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat has my back (side) so bring on the three-bean chili!


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