The unstoppable rise of the outdoor bath

Forget hot tubs and posh paddling pools — summer 2021 is all about bath time alfresco

Molly GunnThe Sunday Times

According to reports, the UK went bonkers over hot tubs last summer. Lockdown captivity combined with sizzling temperatures resulted in a large proportion of us feeling the need to soak away our worries — or our furlough — in warm, bubbly mini-pools.

I toyed with the idea myself. But there was something stopping me. For starters, I knew in my heart that a hot tub would always play second fiddle to my real dream, which is a natural swimming pool complete with lily pads, similar to one that a good friend of mine has and which is — quite frankly — magical. But as my “garden” is actually a thin slice of decking, a pool is but a fantasy. A hot tub would fit on


The unstoppable rise of the outdoor bath