Smarter: Kitchen Tools That Changed CR Experts’ Lives

Before I lived with my boyfriend, I had never used a colander. Back in the day, my method of draining pasta could best be described as creative. It involved a lot of me using chopsticks to snatch clumps of spaghetti out of the water, and even a lot more swearing as one by one, the strands slipped from my grasp.

Smarter: Kitchen Tools That Changed CR Experts’ Lives

That was my B.C. era. Before Colander. But then my boyfriend introduced the perforated utensil into our kitchen. Suddenly a process that used to take minutes took mere seconds. Now I use the colander more than he does.

We all have these moments in the kitchen, don’t we, those epiphanies that occur when you use a new tool and realize, where have you been my whole life? To uncover more of them, I asked CR’s food editor, kitchen appliance writers, and food and home appliance testers about the things that changed their cooking forever. Here are their personal recommendations.