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Netflix's All Of Us Are Dead boasts a massive cast of characters across its initial 12 episode run. First released on January 28, 2022, director Lee Jae-Kyoo's All Of Us Are Dead blends a coming-of-age drama in a South Korean school with a brutal apocalyptic zombie horror. The initial critical response has been overwhelmingly positive for the Netflix series, receiving particular praise for its compelling cast performances in the weeks following its release.

All Of Us Are Dead centers on Hyosan High School, where students of class 2-5 are suddenly thrown into a life or death situation as their peers begin to turn into zombies. With no food or water, and the internet and landlines cut off during the ensuing undead melee, the surviving students are forced to use everyday objects found in their school to fend off the zombies attempting to turn each of them into a horde member. The result is a highly gripping Korean drama that brings the Hyosan student's will to survive at all costs into sharp relief as All Of Us Are Dead season 1 wears on.


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As implied by its zombie apocalypse premise, All Of Us Are Dead contains a slew of characters destined for death at the beginning of the season. The series is certainly not afraid to kill off new faces and established characters alike across its first season, which plays into its absolutely mammoth roll call of respected South Korean actors. Here's a complete cast and character guide to Netflix's All Of Us Are Dead, as well as where you know each main actor from.

Park Ji-hoo as Nam On-jo

Cheong-san's next-door neighbor and one of the more popular members of class 2-5, Nam On-jo is as close as All Of Us Are Dead gets to having a primary protagonist across its harrowing first 12 episodes. Much of Netflix's All Of Us Are Dead centers on On-jo's survival tactics alongside her classmates while simultaneously showing On-jo's father's attempts to save his beloved daughter. Nam On-jo is played by new South Korean acting sensation Park Ji-hoo, who is best known to date for her performance in the critically acclaimed 2018 film House of Hummingbird.

Yoon Chan-young as Lee Cheong-san

Cheong-san's relationship with his neighbor and classmate On-jo is one of the most compelling aspects of All Of Us Are Dead, with the pair routinely battling the zombie hordes together both inside and out of Hyosan High School. Early audience reactions to the Netflix drama suggest Cheong-san is one of the most popular characters in Netflix's K-Drama, which is owed in no small part to his immensely affable nature even in the face of death. Lee Cheong-san is played by Yoon Chan-young, who has won at least three drama awards in his native South Korea since 2013 as a highly respected child actor.

Park Solomon as Lee Su-hyeok

If Cheong-san represents the softer side of Hysosan High, then Su-hyeok is the mettle that keeps his classmates battling against All Of Us Are Dead's almost insurmountable zombie odds. A former bully turned reformed student, Su-hyeok is an adept fighter that comes in very handy as All Of Us Are Dead gets more bloody. Lee Su-hyeok is played by breakout star Park Solomon, who will star in Disney+'s upcoming movie Third Person Revenge following his Netflix debut in All Of Us Are Dead in early 2022.

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Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra

The clever-yet-cold character is a mainstay in K-Dramas, with Choi Nam-ra filling this role perfectly for All Of Us Are Dead. An incredibly studious and talented individual, Nam-ra's academic skill is offset by her cold indifference to her other classmates, even as many are being eaten and assimilated into the series' zombie horde. Nam-ra is played by Cho Yi-hyun, who is best known for starring in the ongoing Korean television series Hospital Playlist.

screenrant.com All Of Us Are Dead Cast & Character Guide

Ha Seung-ri as Jang Ha-ri

An older, final-year student of Hyosan High, Jang Ha-ri hopes to use her exceptional archery skills to gain a scholarship to a prominent sports university. Predictably, however, Ha-ri ends up using her considerable bowmanship to instead fend off waves of undead attackers alongside several other archery students. Jang Ha-ri is played by Ha Seung-ri, who boasts an impressive list of credits in her native South Korea dating back to 1999.

Yoo In-soo as Yoon Gwi-nam

No character is more reviled in All Of Us Are Dead than Yoo In-soo's Gwi-nam, a vicious bully that mercilessly torments other Hyosan High students. Although initially not the bully circle's ringleader, Gwi-nam quickly becomes the show's primary antagonist (outside of the undead) as he reveals the depraved lengths he will go to to save his own skin. Gwi-nam actor Yoo In-Soo began his acting career in 2017, starring in a series of Korean television dramas alongside a supporting appearance in Netflix's Korean drama Forgotten.

Lee Kyu-hyung as Song Jae-ik

A detective of Hyosan Police Station, Song Jae-ik's skepticism quickly turns to despair as he and his department are forced to contend with the virus outbreak. Song Jae-ik is played by legendary South Korean actor Lee Kyu-hyung, who first shot to fame with his portrayal of Yoo Han-yang in tvN's television series Prison Playbook. Kyu-hyung is celebrated in South Korea for his ability to portray a wide range of characters and tackle differing mediums and projects, such as musicals and web series, with consummate ease.

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Jeon Bae-soo as Nam So-ju

While heroism is certainly not in short supply across All Of Us Are Dead season 1's runtime, On-jo's father Nam So-ju stands head and shoulders above many of the series' other characters. The captain of the Hyosan Fire Station rescue team 1, So-ju's fight to rescue his daughter and her peers is one of the defining character arcs of All Of Us Are Dead. So-ju is played by Jeon Bae-soo, who is best known to Western audiences for his harrowing turn in 2016's Korean horror movie The Wailing.

All Of Us Are Dead's Supporting Cast & Characters

Lee Yoo-mi as Lee Na-yeon: A privileged student of Class 2-5, Na-yeon is repeatedly shown to be born with a golden spoon, which singles her out for criticism amongst her peers. Actress Lee Yoo-mi has enjoyed a stellar two years, with her performance in All Of Us Are Dead following hot on the heels of her turn as Ji-yeong in Squid Game.

Kim Bo-yoon as Seo Hyo-ryung: One of class 2-5's lesser-known students, Hyo-rung is played by Kim Bo-yoon, whose fledgling acting career began in 2020 with a supporting role in the 2020 South Korean horror movie Hotel Lake.

Kim Joo-ah as Yoon I-sak: A student of Class 2-5 and On-jo's best friend, Yoon I-sak is played by Kim Joo-ah in her first accredited role of any kind.

Son Sang-yeon as Jang Woo-jin: Another student of class 2-5, Jang Woo Jin is also Ha-ri's younger brother whom she attempts to locate throughout All Of Us Are Dead. Actor Son Sang-yeon has starred in various live shows, television series, web series, and films since his 2016 acting debut.

Ham Sung-min as Han Gyeong-su: Cheong-san's close friend and confidante, Gyeong-su is another member of class 2-5 at Hyosan High. Gyeong-su is played by Ham Sung-min, best known as a recurring cast member in the K-drama series Sweet Revenge.

Jin Ho-eun as Jung Min-jae: A second-year student and talented member of the school's archery club, Jung Min-Jae aids Ha-ri in the search for her younger brother. Min-Jae is played by Jin Ho-eun, with All Of Us Are Dead being the actor's first credited role.

Oh Hee-joon as Son Myung-hwan: An older student who initially leads the bullying at Hyosan High, Myung-hwan is later ousted by the arguably even more callous Gwi-nam. Myung-hwan is played by Oh Hee-joon, who has enjoyed a fruitful K-drama television career since 2013.

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Kim Byung-chul as Lee Byeong-chan: A reserved science teacher, Byeong-chan carries emotional scars from his childhood that become greatly exacerbated as a zombie virus outbreak grips Hyosan High. Byeong-chan actor Kim Byung-chul is best known for playing Cha Min-hyuk in the television series Sky Castle.

Lee Min-goo as Lee Jin-su: A shrinking violet of a student, Jin-su is also revealed as Byeong-chan's son, who was himself was frequently bullied during his own time at Hyosan High. Jin-su represents actor Lee Min-goo's first accredited role of any kind.

Bae Hae-sun as Park Eun-hee: A member of the National Assembly representing Hyosan, Park Eun-hee is key in the region's efforts to contain and fight back against All Of Us Are Dead's deadly virus. Eun-hee is played by Bae Hae-sun, who is best known for her roles in almost every style of Korean Drama including Hi Bye, Mama!, Hotel del Luna, and Don't Dare to Dream.

Additionally, there are several groups of characters that become swept up in the series' harrowing events. Lee Sang-hee, Yoon Byung-hee, Ahn Si-ha, Yoon Kyung-ho, and Um Hyo-sup all play various beleaguered faculty members of Hyosan High. Oh Hye-soo and Ahn Ji-ho play two of Hyosan High's named bullying victims, while Jung Yi-seo and Shin Jae-hwi play their respective tormentors. Finally, Woo Ji-hyun and Dong Hyun-bae play additional members of the Hyosan Fire Station Rescue Team 1 to round out the cast of All Of Us Are Dead.

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