Savvy mum shows filth in areas she rarely cleans, including the washing line - when was the last time YOU cleaned them?

CLEANING whizz Jennifer Hall recently shared with her TikTok followers some of the surprising places you might be forgetting to clean and filthy they get.

Remembering to hoover the carpet and clean the toilet is easy enough, but for these places it can be out of sight, out of mind.

Hanging your clothes outside is a great cost effective way to dry them, but if you're forgetting to clean your washing up line you might be making more work for yourself.

All the mud and grime from months of rain and storms can cling to your washing up line and transfer onto your clean clothes.

Jennifer shares that she simply takes an old cloth to wipe any build up of dirt away before she hangs out her laundry.

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Extractor fans harbour loads of dust and grime, they're easy to forget about, but if the dust builds up over time it can get pretty gross.

Savvy mum shows filth in areas she rarely cleans, including the washing line - when was the last time YOU cleaned them?

They're easy to forget about since they are usually high up on walls, silently spinning away.

Since the purpose of these fans is to extract moisture and other dust, it's important to keep them clean so they can function properly and don't hold on to that grime.

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Luckily, they're quick and easy to clean with just a normal duster or cloth so you can just add it to your normal bathroom cleaning routine.

The savvy cleaner shared that a lot of people forget to clean the tops of tiles when cleaning too.

Like bathroom and kitchen extractor fans, dust and dirt can build up quickly here, making your house look less than perfect.

It's these small details that make the difference if you want your home to truly sparkle.

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Although there are many effective ways to clean the tops of tiles, Jennifer uses a purpose built sponge to quickly remove the dirt.

Viewers of the video couldn't believe they not so obvious places to clean: "I'm feeling attacked right now."

Another commented: I never thought of the washing line!"

A third said: "I just moved to a new house and my boyfriend didn't understand why I was cleaning the washing line but it was gross."

While a another viewer joked: "Please don't give me more places to clean!"