Remi Lewis Does It All

What makes Remi’s sound so individualistic is her ultramodern blending of pop, trap, and R&B, while she also pays homage to the celebrated pop stars of her generation. Although Barbie is conflated with an artificial exterior, Remi conveys through her bubbly personality that all of her music is grounded in her genuine roots.

office sat down with Remi below to discuss emblematic 2000s-era fashion, film, her new music video, and more.

So, you started modeling for Fenty and Jeffrey Campbell, and I wanted to know what the shift was, where you decided to venture into music?

I’ve made music ever since I was little. I taught myself piano. I would write songs, but only for myself. I couldn't quite get the confidence to put my work out there. But when I started modeling, it started giving me more confidence to have my face in the camera, so that kind of tied in with the music. I was like, 'Oh, you know, why not? Why don't I just try and put out my art.'

I also wanted to talk about your style — we'll get into your new music video too — but I know the whole vibe of the video is Y2K-inspired and I kind of get that through your style too. We're around the same age. You're 21 right?


So we're pretty much the same — 90s-ish kids. But I wanted to talk about that because we kind of grew up with that style and now it's all coming back. Do you think that that's where it comes from, for you, or is that just what you naturally gravitate towards in your personal style?

Remi Lewis Does It All

I think, and I think you can agree, we kind of grew up seeing these iconic looks like JLo, Gwen, all of that. So I was super influenced by that. I also love thrifting.

Me too.

I curate for the store I work in, which is LAAMS. I run the vintage rack, so I'm always looking for the Y2K looks. Even like Devin Aoki in Fast and Furious — I was just inspired a lot by pop culture. So that's where that came from.

So if you had to pick one movie that is big fashion inspo for you, what would you say?

That's a good question. Let me have a think. I mean, Clueless. But then I love — I don't know if you've seen the movie with Aaliyah where she's a vampire. "Queen of the Dams." The fashion in that was cool too. Because I like to do the pop, eccentric, colorful Y2K, but then I also like to do more 70s, retro kind of looks. That's where my two styles tend to meet.

I feel like those were just such powerful eras in fashion, but it does definitely tie into stuff we liked growing up. Something else I grew up with was a lot of R&B and that early 2000s type of sound. I hear a lot of that in your music, but you also have that modern pop fusion. So who are your musical inspirations or people that you grew up listening to?

Well, I love Gwen, Aaliyah — she's one of my favorites; she's an R&B queen. Nelly Furtado — all of those early 2000s females that just had the hits. Gwen's old videos, like "What You Waiting For," where she's Alice in Wonderland; all of that was so inspiring to me. But I also love Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, SZA, Kali Uchis — all of those powerful females. That's where the more modern-day pop comes in. I try to make it like a fusion of both.

You definitely get that through your music. Also — love that you mentioned Ariana Grande. Cause she's an icon.

Yes! She's so influential too.