McDonald's Monopoly top prizes on offer and how to easily boost your chances of winning

McDonald's Monopoly starts today after a two-year absence due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, offering fast-food fans the chance to get their hands on a brand new and exclusive prize - a VIP Gold Card.

The winners of these Gold Cards will receive the ultimate VIP treatment, not only winning epic bragging rights but the lucky 1,000 will also be able to claim a free medium meal every week from their local restaurant for a whole year.

The VIP Gold Card is an instant win item and will be awarded as vouchers on the My McDonald’s App.

McDonald’s has finally revealed the details of all the top prizes up for grabs this year, and customers could be in with a chance of winning £100k in cash, a holiday to Ibiza, hot tubs, large screen TVs, shopping vouchers, mobile phones and of course, items from the famous McDonald’s menu - including two million meals.

Top McDonald's Monopoly 2021 prizes on offer

Here are the top prizes up for grabs and how many of each will be available during the promotion.

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Food voucher prizes

How to play McDonald's Monopoly

The game is a variation of the classic Monopoly board game, where the aim is to collect pieces or properties to claim a prize.

Each piece represents a tile on the board and when you collect a set, you win a freebie.

McDonald's Monopoly top prizes on offer and how to easily boost your chances of winning

Some pieces are harder to get than others, as fewer will be made - these usually make up the bigger prizes.

How to increase your chances of winning

MoneySavingExpert.com has the inside scoop on how to increase your chances of snagging a big win.

Even though McDonald’s Monopoly is essentially a game of luck, there are some things you can do to increase your chance of scoring a win.

Keep hold of rarely-found stickers

MSE explains that within each set of properties there is a rare or uncommon sticker. If you find one of these, make sure you keep hold of it as the remaining stickers in the set will be much easier to find, giving you a good chance of winning the prize for that set.

Rare stickers to look out for:

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Enter online codes during non-peak times

Every minute, there are two cash prizes to be won – between £5 and £100 - by whomever enters their online code at the right second, which McDonald's calls the ‘winning moment’.

Another MSE top tip to boost your chances of winning is to enter at a non-peak time - such as early morning or overnight.

They explained: “You’ll naturally have less competition as entering at a busy time of day, such as lunch or early evening, so your chances of winning are better. If you are a winner, you'll know instantly and receive details of how to claim.”

Look out for unchecked stickers in restaurants

It’s competition time and the stakes are high so there’s no shame in having a look on the floor or abandoned tables for stickers - not everyone who eats or drinks at McDonald's will be taking part in its Monopoly promotion and won't peel their stickers.

MSE offered a handy tip for this one too: “Not everyone disposes of their packaging in the bins provided, so look out for empty cups and other packaging that still have stickers attached and you may be able to find some free food instant wins, an online game code, or a property you need to get closer to completing a set.”

Hold on to property stickers, even duplicates

Even if you end up with the same sticker again, such as two Park Lane's, it's worth still holding on to any duplicates as in previous years McDonald's has offered a freebie, such as a month's Now TV pass, when you swap any 10 stickers.

McDonald's Monopoly will run from 11.30am on Wednesday, August 25 until 11.59pm on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

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