Hints from Heloise: Bathroom suggestions

Dear Heloise: I suggest parents teach their kids the proper way to clean a toilet from top to bottom, especially how to wipe down the rim and base. Leave some cleaning wipes on the top of the tank for this purpose.

When a room spray is deemed necessary, don’t spray it into the air, as the droplets settle on all the surfaces in the bathroom and leave a residue. Instead, flush the commode, and when the water starts rising, spray the top of the water.

If you have some shampoo or body wash that didn’t quite work out, you can use it to clean the toilet and it will leave it smelling delightful. This is especially nice if company is coming over.

Shaving cream on a shower door or patio door can be used for finger painting and is a great way to entertain kids.

You once posted my suggestion to put return address labels inside sympathy, Christmas and wedding cards, because the envelopes most likely will be discarded.

Love reading your column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette! — Linda Webb, Roland, Arkansas

Hints from Heloise: Bathroom suggestions


Dear Heloise: I think readers have missed the point in the giving of money for wedding gifts. Giving money is perfectly acceptable; asking for money is not. I think it’s improper to ask for monetary gifts for any occasion. If the gift-giver is uncertain about what bride/groom/expectant parents/graduate would like, they can always ask! — Susie in Louisiana


Dear Heloise: Everybody knows how hard it is to buy for kids! I have started saving dollar bills in an envelope with the initial of the child’s first name. Then on their birthday or Christmas, I place the money in a toilet paper roll and wrap it up. What kid doesn’t like money! It’s a big hit! You would be surprised how fast it adds up and doesn’t feel like you are spending a lot! — Debbie, via email


Dear Heloise: You mentioned grilled cheese sandwiches in one of your letters. I can suggest another ingredient to really add to the flavor: pepper jelly! Hot pepper jelly is best, but even mild helps! Thanks for all you do to make life easier. — Mary Jane Becker, via email


Dear Heloise: I found a good use for those plastic bags in which my daily newspaper is delivered. I use them to clean up after our dog when we walk the neighborhood. — John A., Houston, Texas

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