Girl trapped in bathtub’s drain as she tries to rescue kitten in Dubai

Dubai Police rescues a teenager after her arm got stuck in a bathtub drain

Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter
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Dubai: Dubai Police rescues a teenager after her arm was stuck in drain pipe of her bathtub as she was trying to help her trapped kitten, an official said.

Girl trapped in bathtub’s drain as she tries to rescue kitten in Dubai

According to Lt Colonel Abdullah Bishwah, director of the Land Rescue Department at Dubai Police’s General Directorate of Transport and Rescue, said the 16-year-old girl was inside her room at her parents’ house in Al Khawaneej area in Dubai when the bathroom’s door was locked as she was trying to rescue her cat that was trapped inside a drain pipe.

Land Rescue Department

“Teams from Land Rescue department and Difficult Missions Squad used special tools to open the bathroom door and rescue the girl,” said Lt Col Bishwah.

Lt Abdullah Al Nuaimi responded to the emergency call and went to the villa with a second officer. They opened the bathroom’s door and found the girl’s arm trapped near the bathtub. “She was searching for her kitten and found her trapped in the drain. She used her phone’s torch to check the situation before entering her hand but she couldn’t withdraw it,” said Lt Al Nuaimi.

She yelled for help from her family but the door was locked and they called Dubai Police.

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The place where the girl’s trapped was only 8cm wide and officers removed the bathtub without harming the girl and the kitten. “We rescued the girl within ten minutes without causing damages,” added Lt Al Nuaimi.

In a separate incident, Dubai Police rescued a child whose hand was stuck in the swimming pool ladder at Palm Jumeirah. Teams from Land Rescue Department went to the place in a record time and rescued the child.

According to stats from Dubai Police, 55 children have been rescued from their homes and four others pulled out from elevators in which they were trapped.

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