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Unpacking is a 2021 puzzle game that involves helping a woman to unpack several times as she moves throughout the years. Over the span of more than two decades, players guide the protagonist as she unpacks all her belongings during significant moments in her life. The gameplay generally revolves around puzzling together the best ways to slot each item in the main character's new living space, ensuring that they all have a spot to call their own. Along the way, players piece together the protagonist's story and personality.


As players play through the game's multiple stages, they will complete tasks or reach milestones that reward Stickers, which serve as Unpacking's achievements. While the game is relatively short, some of these Stickers can be quite difficult to unlock.

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Updated on February 27, 2022, by Mina Smith: Some more information on things that players can do to get all the achievements in Unpacking has become more known as the game has garnered more fans. Unpacking is available on Xbox Game Pass, making it accessible for anyone with a Microsoft console or Windows who wants to try it out. This article has been updated to include a paragraph of the purpose of Stickers and what players can use them for within the game. For anyone looking to finish this wholesome indie game with 100% completion, they'll need each and every one of these Stickers to get there, so every bit of new information can help out.

Stickers and Achievements in Unpacking

Stickers in Unpacking are used to not only keep track of the number of achievements that players have earned, but are also used to decorate screenshots in the game. Players can use the camera function to take photos of all of the narrator's items and rooms if they wish. The camera allows players to add filters and other fun visual changes to the photos, the Stickers included.

gamerant.com Unpacking: All Achievements/Stickers Guide

Each time a player completes one of these challenges, the Sticker will become available for them to doll up their screenshots. It's probably one of the coolest parts of Unpacking that most players missed. There are a grand total of 27 Stickers in Unpacking, and players will get many of them just for completing levels or doing required things in the levels. All the free achievements are:

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Non-Story Achievements or Stickers in Unpacking

The rest of the achievements all require that players go above and beyond what is needed to complete the game, and this is the same whether players are playing Unpacking on Xbox Game Pass, Switch, or PC. These Stickers are:

Unpacking is available for PC, Switch, and Xbox.

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