8 Celebrities That Are Totally In Love With Someone From Ontario

There are so many Canadian celebrities we often forget are from the Great White North, but what about popular stars that found love with an Ontarian.

With many of these famous stars being from somewhere other than Canada, it gives us hope that even if you can't make it big yourself, well maybe you'll fall in love with someone who will.

While many know that Hailey Bieber's hubby Justin Bieber is Canadian, you may not know that he was born in London, Ontario. Did you know that Elton John's husband is also from the province? Here are eight celebrities who are completely in love with someone from Ontario.

Elton John

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Sir Elton John is a living icon and known for a number of hit songs including 'Bennie and the Jets', 'Tiny Dancer' and 'Candle in the Wind.'

Although John is British, he is married to Canadian producer David Furnish, who was born in Toronto, Ontario, according to IMDB. They originally had a civil ceremony, and once gay marriage was legalized, were officially married in 2014, and now have two children together.

Shaun White

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Actress Nina Dobrev is well known for her starring role in the show the Vampire Diaries, and more recently the Netflix film Love Hard. She grew up in Ontario, Canada after moving to Toronto from Bulgaria when she was two.

She and the record-breaking snowboarder Shaun White have been together since 2019, and are clearly still going strong if her latest Instagram post of them together is any indication.

Hailey Bieber

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8 Celebrities That Are Totally In Love With Someone From Ontario

While Justin Bieber may be the more famous of the couple, Hailey Bieber is a celebrity in her own right for her modeling career and as a media personality. They've become even more popular as a dynamic duo since we've watched their young love story.

The couple briefly met in 2009, and were introduced by her dad. After dating casually in 2016, they took time apart and rekindled their friendship in 2018 after seeing each other at church, according to Cosmopolitan. Their relationship was definitely not a private one, and their wedding was speculated about, until finally confirmed later that same year. While the haters have a lot to say about these two, it's clear they're in love, and that we can expect to see a lot more of them together IRL as well as online.

Blake Lively

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Okay, okay, we know that Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively's husband, is from Vancouver, BC, but he did spend some time in his youth living in Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawans love to claim Reynolds as their own and have even recently named a street after him.

This celebrity power couple met in 2010 on the set of the Green Lantern movie but didn't start dating right away. They were supposedly dating in 2011, and had a surprise wedding the following year. Lively and Reynolds are still married with three kids, according to IMBD, and are truly crush-worthy as a couple.

Mod Sun

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Mod Sun, born Derek Ryan Smith, is a singer-songwriter and producer who is now dating Canada's sweetheart Avril Lavigne. Lavigne is from the small Ontario town of Napanee and her debut album Let Go carries those iconic hits 'Sk8ter Boy' and 'Complicated' that every '80s and '90s baby knows.

The two met and collaborated on the song 'Flames', which was released in 2021. Lavigne told People that she had sworn off romance and that she, "tried to resist it, hard… the most I've ever tried to." She laughed that they met singing a breakup song together, but apparently the connection was instant.

Eva Mendes

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Eva Mendes has been with fellow actor Ryan Gosling after working together on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines. Unlike other celebrity couples, it's tough to catch a glimpse of these two together, and they keep their relationship and family life private, and away from social media.

Gosling was born in London, Ontario and also spent time living in Cornwall and Burlington. From what the world sees of the couple they seem like they're going strong raising their girls together. According to Bride, Mendes posted a throwback photo of the two of them in 2021, but all of her Instagram photos have since been deleted. Talk about keeping things on the DL.

Carrie Underwood

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American country singer, Carrie Underwood came to fame after winning Season 4 of American Idol and took the success farther than most with countless hits. Underwood met her now-husband Mike Fisher, on a blind date set up by a friend.

Fisher was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario and ended up playing in the NHL for the Ontario-based team, the Ottawa Senators. After dating long-distance for a period, the couple married in 2010, and have two kids together, according to IMDB.

Morgan Rielly

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Morgan Rielly, defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs, is a Canadian boy himself and was born in Vancouver, BC. The hockey player is dating Olympic ice skating champion Tessa Virtue, who is from London and went to school in Windsor, Ontario. They make up quite the Canadian power couple.

The two met through a mutual friend, and while it seems they are still together, they are private online and don't share many details about their relationship. Let's just keep our eyes peeled for if they hit the ice together because that would be a beautiful Canadian moment.

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