7 Ways to Drain the Life Out of Your Clogged Sink

Why you should steer clear of using chemicals to unclog a sink

Despite offering what might seem like a quick fix, chemical options can have serious drawbacks.

They can be harsh on your pipes

According to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, commercial drain cleaners often contain harsh chemicals that react with the clog to generate heat and gas. This reaction clears many blockages but does so at the risk of the integrity of your pipes.

7 Ways to Drain the Life Out of Your Clogged Sink

Aside from the often-caustic chemicals eating away at your pipes, the heat and gas released can spring leaks in PVC or old pipes.

This is made worse if the cleaner fails to clear a blockage, which could happen with a blockage caused by mechanical failures such as a loose joint fitting or other obstructions. The chemical is left sitting in the pipe with nowhere to go, slowly attacking your plumbing.

They can produce harmful fumes

Many chemicals also release dangerous fumes that can irritate or burn your eyes, lungs, skin, and more. Not to mention the risks of mixing cleaners, like bleach and ammonia, which can create dangerous fumes that lead to potential injury or even death.

Always open a window and make sure there’s good airflow when you’re using chemicals.

They cause more issues outdoors

Chemical cleaners are also damaging to the environment. Cleaner residue can settle into the soil and eventually leak into bodies of water. This is harmful to plants and animals in the area as well as to the people who drink that water.