10 Best Bathrooms in Video Games

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

10 Best Bathrooms in Video Games

Good old video games. They’re portals to other worlds, capable of instantly transporting us away from our humdrum lives and into grand adventures set across lands of astonishing beauty and technological wonders. Sadly, when it comes to day-to-day existence, idyllic scenery and immortality elixirs can’t always make up for a lack of good old-fashioned home comforts.

More specifically, it’s shocking how many characters have to deal with atrocious amenities when the time comes for a quiet sit down with a Sudoku in the smallest room of the house – or castle, or mobile attack fortress, or wherever they happen to live. Are humanity’s saviors doomed to make-do with second-rate showers and broken bidets, or can we locate a luxury bathroom fit for a true video game hero? Let’s find out…

The Cinema (Duke Nukem 3D)

Given the famously ribald humor that led to Duke Nukem 3D’s well-deserved M rating, it’s not surprising there are quite a few bathrooms dotted throughout his alien-thwarting adventure. Whether Duke’s escaping from Death Row or blasting into outer space, there’s always a convenience close at hand.