Bag a bargain on a motorhome toilet starter pack

Toilet and water system specialist Bradtech has put together a pack of four motorhome toilet accessories with a saving of around 25%. The items included are a pack of 12 Aqua Kem toilet chemical sachets, a pack of four Aquasoft quick dissolving toilet paper, Thetford Aqua Rinse Spray and Toilet Seal lubricant spray.

Aqua Kem Toilet Chemical Sachets

No need to mess about with liquids slopping all over the place, use a sachet instead. All you need to do is open the toilet blade, drop in a sachet, add some water and that’s it, you’re done!The exact dose and no messy chemicals.

Aquasoft Quick Dissolving Toilet Paper

These toilet rolls are designed to dissolve quickly. It is so much easier to empty a toilet cassette when the toilet paper is properly broken down.

Bag a bargain on a motorhome toilet starter pack

Thetford Aqua Rinse Spray

Cleaning a chemical toilet, especially when you’re on holiday is not a pleasant job at the best of times.This is something that makes that job a whole lot easier.Simply spray into the toilet bowl, preferably when it’s completely dry and you’ll find that everything simply slides off into the cassette. Using Aqua Rinse Spray will also help you save water because fewer flushes will be needed.

Toilet Seal Lubricant Spray

This is one of those essentials you might think you don’t need but is an extremely useful addition to your spares kit. It’s used to lubricate the mechanisms of toilets – so if your toilet blade is sticking – this will help make it move smoothly again.

It can also be used on door seals, locks, hinges and awnings.

The New Season Toilet Starter Pack is available from Bradtech atwww.bradtech.ltd.uk for a limited period for £19.98 (including free delivery) instead of the usual price of £25.55.

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