Aussie renter shares ‘bloody furry’ find in bathroom, leaving Facebook ‘terrified’

A Facebook user has shared images of a “terrifying” discovery in the bathroom of her rental home.

On a popular cleaning group, the Melbourne woman asked for help in identifying the furry mass under the door of a cabinet.

“Can anyone please tell me what is this thing growing under the bathroom sink?” she asked on the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia Facebook page.

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“Is it harmful?

“Do I complain to my real estate agent? Or do we clean this ourselves? Just noticed it yesterday.”

She said the bathroom had been renovated last year, before she moved in.

“I’m suspecting there could be a gap in the tiles? Or could be because of the water?” she aaked.

“Haven’t seen anything like this before.”

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Many were left rattled by the “sink gremlin” hiding in her bathroom.

“Just burn it down. That looks terrifying,” said one.

Aussie renter shares ‘bloody furry’ find in bathroom, leaving Facebook ‘terrified’

“Doesn’t look normal to me. This would freak me out,” added another.

Wrote one more: “Goodness me, is like a sink gremlin.

“Hope you find out what it is, and it’s not harmful.

“Looks like some kind of mould growth or something. It’s bloody furry.”

Dangerous mould

Many others suggested it was a type of mould fungi or moss, likely caused by water and damp.

“Oh haven’t seen this for decades! It’s a type of mould fungi but I’ve only seen it grow in rainforests on rotting wood. Must be damp there,” said one.

“It’s not toxic or dangerous but still, because it’s a mould, can affect people with breathing difficulties and weak immune system.

“That really should be spoken about to realtor because it’s not very often you see inside a home.”

Another said: “The vanity is water damaged and swelling.

“I would guess some sort of fungus or mound possibly extending from the swelling of the vanity.”

Wrote one more: “I would say, as scary as that looks, that it is the materials the vanity is made from are swollen from water.

“Which could mean some sort of leak in the pipe or the settling around the bottom after showers etc.

“I would ... get a new vanity as it could start to produce some pretty harmful mould spores.”

Most agreed the issue should be inspected by the real estate agent.

“Please complain ASAP. This is so unhealthy,” one noted.