Are smart mirrors the future of home fitness?

This morning I ran through the streets of Paris, then I traversed the Alps after brunch. I've just done a spot of boxing in Capri and tonight I plan to row up the Zambezi River.

Have you been at the lockdown liquids again?

No, I've been using my Vault.

Whatever's in your Vault should be prescription only.

The Vault is cutting-edge, at-home fitness technology. It's a mirror, through which you can access a world far, far away.

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Through the looking glass! Except with dumbbells. Who's on the other side? A muscular Mad Hatter?

Think Aussie fitness goddess Tanya Poppet, Brit Olympic rowing gold medallist Alex Gregory and US soccer star Alex Morgan.

The Vault and its iFit interactive tech bring famous gurus into your lounge room.

You join their workouts while they appear in the mirror alongside your own reflection. And they can lead you through lush locations around the globe.

Are smart mirrors the future of home fitness?

Through the looking glass! Except with dumbbells.

Wow. That's one bucket list boot camp.

Smart mirrors are the future. Now that we're seasoned lounge room workout warriors, a streaming exercise class on a wonkily-perched laptop just doesn't cut it.

This feels big.

Hell yeah. The Vault's a 153cm full-length mirror. With an integrated cupboard for all your gear.

Like a wardrobe portal into a fitness Narnia.

I'll wager there's not a celebrity in the land without one of these.

Of course. What star doesn't love a mirror that loves you back? Alicia Keys, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson were all early adopters of US brand, the Mirror.

Since then, smart mirrors have been springing up in cool cribs faster than you can say 'look at me.'

Will it last? The road to fitness is littered with 'home exercise solutions' turned clothes hangers. I'm looking at you, Thigh Master.

That's the marketing genius of the smart mirror: it's not just gym equipment - it's a one-stop shop for 2021 #lifegoals.

Travel to exotic climes! Hang with celebs! Pimp up your living space! That's 10 Instagram posts before you've broken sweat. Some even let you shop workout wear. A few smart mirrors have cameras too - perfect for full-length selfies of your latest athleisure look, even if you're less ath, more leisure.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I need $5,000 so I can install you in my hall.