An infinity room has opened inside that big hill in Marble Arch

The announcement of London’s newest outdoor attraction might have baffled some earlier this year, but Marble Arch Mound has just gotten that bit more intriguing with the addition of its own infinity room.

The 25m-high temporary hill that’s been erected at the Hyde Park end of Oxford Street opened to the public on July 26. Although it's been a bit of a bumpy ride, it now boasts a new art exhibition by acclaimed British-American artist Anthony James.

The installation, called ‘Lightfield’, is made up of 12 cubes, each connected by ethernet cables. The light is manipulated in two ways: when each box communicates with the others via one computer ‘brain’, or by the visitors – the exhibition has an interactive element that will see the movement of the public through the room affect the light’s path.

An infinity room has opened inside that big hill in Marble Arch

The piece is designed to simulate the interconnected root structure of a birch tree forest and is located in Marble Arch Mound’s lower layers.

‘“Lightfield” consists of 12 cubes that allude to the mycorrhizal nature of birch tree forests,’ James explains. ‘This is the first time my work has been displayed and viewed in this fully immersive way – installed within an infinity room that transports visitors into another world to create a meditative and limitless narrative.’

Visitors have been documenting the light installation on TikTok, comparing it to Yayoi Kusama’s infinite mirror rooms (which are currently on display at Tate Modern but are pretty much impossible to get tickets for). Check it out below (TikTok: @hrhqueengld):

Marble Arch Mound is at Cumberland Gate, W1H 7EJ.

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