AEW Revolution 2022 match grades, results: 'Hangman' Page retains, 'Swerve' Strickland and William Regal are All Elite

All Elite Wrestling delivered on March 6 in what was the its deepest pay-per-view event in history. AEW Revolution took place in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, and it was a show for the ages.

All champions retained their titles and grudges were settled in the middle of the ring. There were event debuts, as Shane Strickland and William Regal have signed with AEW.

"Hangman" Adam Page def. Adam Cole to retain the AEW World Title, while Britt Baker beat Thunder Rosa to retain the AEW Women's World Title. Jade Cargill continued her undefeated streak by defending the TBS Title against Tay Conti, and Jurassic Express successfully retained the AEW Tag Team Titles against the team of Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly (reDRagon) and The Young Bucks.

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Wardlow won the Face of the Revolution ladder match and then turned on MJF, allowing CM Punk to win their Dog Collar Match. A lot happened at Revolution, and The Sporting News' Daniel Yanofsky and Andreas Hale were able to provide grades and analysis on every single match.

Here's how it all went down:

AEW Revolution results, match grades

"Hangman" Adam Page def. Adam Cole to defend AEW World Title

Yanofsky: The crowd chanted for "Adam" to win, a nice touch to point out both men are fan favorites. "Hangman" Page was aggressive to start the match. His aggressiveness got the best of him, as he hit his arm on the apron, the same one he uses the Buckshot Lariat for. Once friends, this match shows just how these two wanted to win. Page went for a moonsault after hitting one earlier but Cole landed a big superkick, which made things interesting.

Cole continued to work on the arm, and both landed hard shots against one another. Page landed a top rope wheelbarrow moonsault. reDRagon came out to interfere on Cole's behalf. Cole tried to put him through a table but Page countered. The Dark Order came out out and checked on Page. It was almost expected that Dark Order could turn on Page, but reDRagon attacked them instead. Page hung Cole by the ropes, just like Cole did to him on Dynamite. Hangman hits his own version of The Boom and the Buckshot for the win.

Page has been on a role since winning the world title. It is unsure if the interferences were needed in the match, but what we got was an excellent title fight. Hangman Page shook Adam Cole's hand after, which is an interesting development to keep an eye on.

WHAT. A. MATCH. @theAdamPage is still your AEW World Champion #AndStill #AEWRevolution pic.twitter.com/7IgvAQz2ub

— AEW on TV (@AEWonTV) March 7, 2022

Grade: A-

Hale:We got a little bit of everything on this show, but they saved the full-fledged wrestling match for last with the AEW Championship match with Cole and Page closing out in style.

Page retaining wasn’t a big surprise and it was expected that they would have a great match, but there were stories to tell in the match that will likely be threaded out in the coming weeks. The interference wasn’t necessary and probably hindered more than it helped. ReDRagon coming to Cole’s aid instead of The Young Bucks was a bit of a surprise and something that will certainly be addressed. The Dark Order arriving to help Page but being shoved away by Hangman was also a thread that could go somewhere.

Page also showed a little bit of an edge late when he tied Cole to the top rope with his belt and pelted him with superkicks. Although the night was long, the crowd was into it and having fun with “Let’s go Adam” chants throughout the night. And that helped out a great deal for these two.

Without the interference, we had a fine match between two of AEW’s best workers. Cole will be over no matter what and continues to demonstrate his innate ability to get his offense in spots where it feels like a genuine pendulum swing. His pair of Panama Sunrises felt like they could have ended the night but it would be Page using Cole’s running knee strike and obliterating him with a Buckshot Lariat that would lead to a successful title defense.

Who Page faces at Double or Nothing in Vegas is anyone’s guess but it will have to be someone of extreme significance because he’s had some mighty good matches with Danielson, Archer, and Cole during this run. As for Cole, it’ll likely be back to dealing with the ReDRagon and Young Bucks drama. The TNT Championship feels like something he could realistically get his hands on before the end of the year.

The match wasn’t perfect but it held the standard for AEW championship matches and a great way to close out yet another exceptional PPV.

Grade: B+

Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, and Sting def. Andrade El Ídolo, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Kassidy

Yanofsky: This match was a wild car crash full of violent moves. Andrade, Sammy Guevara , and Darby Allin put a lot on the line, as they continued their feud from various TNT Title matches. They put in the bulk of the work, as Hardy and Sting held their own. It was more of a handicap match with both of Private Party and the team of The Butcher and The Blade involved.

Isiah Kassidy and Guevara fought on top of the entrance ramp, and Guevara hit a Spanish Fly onto two tables. With Andrade on a table, Sting hit a splash that put him through it. Darby landed a Scorpion Death Drop to Hardy on a chair, and then landed a Coffin Drop for the win.

An insane Spanish Fly by the #SpanishGod @sammyguevara to @IsiahKassidy onto the tables! What a match here at #AEWRevolution LIVE on PPV! pic.twitter.com/4Nbv3xTgel

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

Everyone involved gave it their all, in what can be described as a match that was all over the place. Here is hoping everyone is OK.

What did we just witness from #TheIcon @Sting ?! 😱 #AEWRevolution is LIVE on PPV! pic.twitter.com/zTeRjBS03I

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

Grade: C+

Hale:With the show running long, nobody needed another war of attrition. Instead, we got an all-action sprint. It’s remarkable to see Sting involved in something like this but, alas, here we are. And Sting diving off a balcony through three tables in 2022 was not on my bingo card.

This was a brawl that saw The Butcher and The Blade make an appearance and Marq Quen try to help his tag partner. But it wasn’t enough as Darby Allin finished off Matt Hardy with a Coffin Drop.

Not a bad showing. But make sure you check out Sammy Guevara’s Spanish Fly on Isiah Cassidy through tables on a solid ring ramp. Nuts.

Grade: B-

Jon Moxley def. Bryan Danielson

Yanofsky: Even after MJF vs. CM Punk, the fans were ready for more violence. Just like Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Jericho earlier in the night, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson landed hard shots against one another. Hard chops were thrown, painting both of their chests red.

Moxley was able to counter the hard offense and submissions of Danielson, and he walked towards Danielson after each hard kick that was landed. An elbow and headbutt resulted in Moxley and Danielson bleeding, which is what Moxley wanted. Both traded submission moves, and Moxley landed vicious elbows to the neck of Danielson. Danielson tried kicking Moxley's head in but Moxley had the same thing in mind. The flying knee landed and Danielson tried for the triangle sleeper but Moxley rolled up and got the surprise pin. Both brawled after, but William Regal made a surprise appearance and slapped Moxley and Danielson. Moxley and Danielson then shook hands.

Has the presence of the legendary @RealKingRegal unified @BryanDanielson and @JonMoxley? This story seems far from over! We are LIVE here at the #AEWRevolution PPV! pic.twitter.com/cBJuXYFoM8

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

Moxley and Danielson gave it their all and then some. While the ending was abrupt, it showed how desperate Moxley was to win, and it opens the door for a future match. Adding Regal to the equation is a good touch, considering both men's history with him.

Grade: A-

Hale: I was curious what kind of match Moxley and Danielson would have, but I wasn’t surprised when Danielson opted to go into Moxley’s wheelhouse and work a Strong Style match where these two beat the crap out of each other. Like the entire crap out of each other.

What can be said about this match aside from that it’s the kind of match Shibata and Ishii would love to have in NJPW? It was violent and a “let’s beat the s--t out of each other” kind of way as Danielson continues to prove that he’s the best wrestler on the planet, as well as a chameleon who can work any style just as good, if not better than his opponent.

Moxley just doesn’t care about playing it safe and gave Danielson all he can handle by finishing him with a unique roll up.

Go out of your way to watch this.

And then William Regal showed up when they brawled in the post-match to restore some order by slapping them both? Exceptional stuff. Oh yeah, they bled together so that probably means that they will join forces, because that’s exactly what Moxley wanted.

Grade: A

Britt Baker def. Thunder Rosa to retain AEW Women's World Title

The match coming on after MJF vs. CM Punk seemed unfair, but Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa have always had good chemistry with one another. Jamie Hayter and Rebel tried to interfere several times throughout the match, however, which might have held it down.

Here is a better look at the New #AEW Women's World Championship #AEWRevolution pic.twitter.com/johMWIjkOk

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

Both landed innovative moves, and while the crowd was quiet, things heated up after a while. Baker landed an Avalanche Air Raid Crash, but Rosa kicked out. This is when the crowd woke up. Roda landed a Tombstone but Rebel distracted the ref. Baker landed a stomp on the belt, but Rosa kicked out in a huge moment. Rosa locked in her own LockJaw at one point. Baker tapped out to a submission move not long after, but Rebel once against distracted the ref. Rosa then speared Rebel and Hayter. Another stomp later and Baker won the match and retained the title.

There were too many distractions in this match, and no Mercedes Martinez to help out Thunder Rosa. This might have been the best time for Baker to lose the title, but her reign continues. Who can beat Baker?

Grade: C+

Hale: As much as Brit Baker has done to carry the women’s division while it figured itself out, her title run felt like it has run its course ahead of this match. Between that and the crowd needing a breather, Baker and Thunder Rosa had an uphill battle and they weren’t able to revisit the magic they had in earlier meetings.

There were times the match lacked fluidity and cohesion, which is surprising considering how their Anything Goes match essentially saved the women’s division. This was a far cry from that. As always, the frequent interference eventually allowed Baker to get the upper hand and she eventually hit the curb stomp to retain the title.

The match overstayed its welcome and it was baffling why Mercedes Martinez was nowhere to be found as Rebel and Hayter interfered. They certainly have a better match in them but it just wasn’t their night.

AEW Revolution 2022 match grades, results: 'Hangman' Page retains, 'Swerve' Strickland and William Regal are All Elite

Grade: C-

CM Punk def. MJF in a Dog Collar Match

Yanofsky: CM Punk came out to "Miseria Cantare" and had shorts on, a throwback to his days in Ring of Honor. MJF looked like he saw a ghost. This match had similar moments to Punk vs. Raven from ROH, a match that helped make Punk. Punk started choking MJF with the chain and looked like a man possessed.

Calling back to his ROH days, @CMPunk is walking out to his old theme, ‘Miseria Cantare’ by @AFI!#AEWRevolution is LIVE on PPV right now! Available on @BleacherReport & @FiteTV (Int.) pic.twitter.com/UwFXJILJfa

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

MJF got Punk to bleed on the open wound from Dynamite, the perfect target that helps make this match personal. MJF then made it personal by talking to Punk, adding to the story of why he is the way he is. Punk was gushing blood while he whipped MJF.

.@The_MJF with nowhere to run or hide as @CMPunk ruthlessly takes the chain to his back! #AEWRevolution is LIVE on PPV right now! Available on @BleacherReport & @FiteTV (Int.) pic.twitter.com/VhatSqYiFa

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

The story of the match was Punk's knee and MJF's hand being hurt. A GTS was countered into the Salt of the Earth, but MJF's hand was badly damaged. Punk hit a chained-up leg Shining Wizard and MJF started bleeding. The fans chanting "You Deserve It" to MJF shows he has truly made it. MJF tried a Tombstone on the apron, but Punk reversed into one of his own. MJF then grabbed thumbtacks, tried doing a running bulldog (like Punk) but Punk bit the hand that hurt. MJF landed a superplex onto the thumbtacks.

In a great moment, MJF called for Wardlow to give him the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Wardlow "couldn't find the ring" and Punk landed a GTS which made MJF land on the tacks. Wardlow then showed he had the ring the entire time, and plops it in place in front of Punk, which had the crowd going crazy. MJF spit on Punk, in one last defiant move.Punk hit him with the ring and won the match.

This match was a violent throwback match. It was a solid way for Punk to avenge a loss, and it progressed the story of MJF and Wardlow. The MJF and Punk feud is one to remember.

Grade: A-

Hale: There was nothing pretty about this one. Buckets of blood, tacks and foul language wrapped around a dog collar. It’s not going to be for everyone but it told a story of Punk getting his comeuppance while the MJF and Wardlow marriage is seeing its demise that will likely lead to a match at Double or Nothing.

They worked at a different speed than the rest of the card with a slow, brooding place that allowed the violence to sink in. There were times that the crowd seemed to be out of it but there was no reason for this to be a sprint. The mind games were also handled well as Punk entered to his original Ring of Honor theme, complete with gear. They mocked each other, nailed some wicked moves throughout, and it all added an extra layer to MJF as he continues to be one of the best pure heels in all of professional wrestling.

The story was laid out when MJF called Wardlow to his aide and asked for the Dynamite Diamond Ring. But Wardlow couldn’t find it and it led to Punk hitting a distracted MJF with a GTS onto thumbtacks. Wardlow then conveniently found the ring and gifted it to Punk to use for the finish.

Some will question whether CM Punk needed to win this one but it’s more about slowing down MJF’s inevitable rise to becoming AEW Champion. He’ll have a new path with what we fully expect to be a fantastic feud with Wardlow, while Punk continues to be the veteran that rubs off on younger talent.

Grade: B

Jade Cargill def. Tay Conti to retain the TBS Title

Yanofsky: Negative One and Anna Jay cheered on Tay Conti, who was the aggressor early on. Jade Cargill looked like a star throughout the contest. Anna Jay ended up hitting Cargill with a chair shot, which was surprising. Conti used her martial arts background to hurt Cargill. Cargill landed a flexing frog splash. Conti with a piledriver and tried going to the top but Cargill landed her finisher for the win.

This was another match where Jade showed how much she has improved in the ring in just a short period of time, and how much of a star she could be. Match didn't last long, but it didn't need to be. Who's next for Cargill?

Grade: B-

Hale: The greatest comic book artists couldn’t draw a female wrestler that looks better than Jade Cargill. That being said, she’s still not complete as a wrester, but that package is one of the most unique figures in all of pro wrestling. There’s no denying that Cargill a work in progress and getting the kinks out in real-time. Conti provided her with some adversity to overcome.

The match itself was fine but wasn’t a smooth ride. And that's not all Jade's fault, as Conti also missed a few spots in the match. A frog splash was added to Jade’s repertoire and she was forced to sell more than usual. She nailed The Jaded to get the job done and continue her on-the-job training.

She’s a star and once she’s refined, Jade Cargill will be a megastar.

Grade: C

Shane "Swerve" Strickland is All Elite

It’s official! @swerveconfident is ALL ELITE!#AEWRevolution pic.twitter.com/nXOuAXryR1

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) March 7, 2022

Wardlow wins the Face of the Revolution ladder match

Yanofsky: The Face of the Revolution ladder match was as chaotic as a ladder match could get. Everyone was able to be showcased in the match. Wardlow, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Keith Lee all faced off against one another, showcasing the big men with talent in the match. Orange Cassidy had several creative spots in the match, like climbing on top of Lee's shoulder's to reach for the brass ring. Lee was showcased as a dominant powerhouse. Hobbs and Ricky Starks of Team Taz teased dissension early on, which could be looked into later.

Hobbs had a chance to look like an athletic big man, while Christian Cage always thrives in ladder matches. A creative spot happened where all six men were on the ladder, and Wardlow was carrying two competitors on his back. Wardlow and Hobbs also broke a ladder in half. Eventually, Wardlow speared Lee and Hobbs through the floor and powerbombed Starks on the ladder in the ring. He grabbed the brass ring to get the win.

A lot happened in this match, and everyone got to showcase what they could do. Wardlow's push has begun, potentially leading to him moving on from MJF.

Grade: B

Hale: AEW has been preparing Wardlow to become their next big thing, and MJF’s muscle is on his way after grabbing the brass ring and getting a TNT Championship opportunity.

Was it a classic? No. Was it fun? Definitely.

With Orange Cassidy bringing the right amount of levity to the match -- including a tremendous spot where he pulled himself up on the ladder as Keith Lee and Wardlow held it in the air — we got an entertaining match where all six had their moments. But aside from Wardlow winning, Orange Cassidy was the star. He took the bumps and was nearly sent to his doom with Keith Lee nearly throwing him over Christian and Ricky Starks.

Danhausen made an appearance, Hobbs and Lee threw things, Christian kept the match together, and Starks bumped a lot. Somehow, this served as a cooldown match but didn’t stunt the momentum of the show.

Grade: B

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus retain AEW Tag Team Titles

Yanofsky: The Young Bucks and the team of Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly took on the champions of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. The champions have been playing second fiddle to the Bucks/reDRagon story, but whenever they are in the ring they always deliver. There was some tension between the Bucks and reDRagon to start, but they ended up working together, beating up on Jungle Boy.

.@boy_myth_legend wiping out the competition!#AEWRevolution LIVE on PPV is available on @BleacherReport & @FiteTV (Int.)! pic.twitter.com/5RBT21rXBk

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

Jungle Boy got some momentum and started cleaning house. He was alone, however, as Luchasaurus was attacked early on. Things started to break down once Luchasaurus entered the ring. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy landed a Doomsday Device, which looked impressive. The Young Bucks and reDRagon were finally not seeing eye to eye following a "missed" superkick. They exchanged blows, and then things really kicked it into high gear. Fish and O'Reilly tried a submission move onto Jungle Boy but The Young Bucks stopped that.

O'Reilly used the belt on Jungle Boy, taking it from The Young Bucks. The Bucks landed superkicks everywhere, and landed the BTE Trigger onto Jungle Boy, but O'Reilly stopped the three count. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus ended up retaining following a crazy match. While the main story was reDRagon vs. the Bucks, this was a win Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus needed to prove they deserve to be AEW Tag Team Champions. What a solid effort by everyone involved.

.@boy_myth_legend and @luchasaurus showing us why they are the #AEW World Tag Team Champions!#AEWRevolution is LIVE on PPV right now! Available on @BleacherReport & @FiteTV (Int.) pic.twitter.com/JYvviKKM2O

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

Grade: A

Hale: There was a lot of pressure on Jurassic Express in this match because both ReDRagon and Young Bucks are proven acts that most would expect to steal the show in any match on any given night. But with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus holding the gold, they needed to shine on their own to prove that they belong in the conversation. Did they accomplish that? Yes, to a degree. Both Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus were given a lot of time to shine in-ring, while the eventual meltdown between the Bucks and ReDRagon played out.

Jurassic Express had to deal with two teams sometimes against them, but most of the time self-sabotaging their own chances to win. It made for a very well-put-together match that found Jurassic Express with just enough breathing room to retain, while Young Bucks and ReDRagon can scamper away from the tag title scene with their own program.

Go out of your way to witness Jungle Boy’s ridiculous avalanche hurricarana into a German suplex, as well as his shooting star press to break up O’Reilly’s guillotine choke on Luchasaurus.

Grade: A-

Eddie Kingston beats Chris Jericho via submission

Yanofsky: Jericho looks to be in the best shape of his AEW career. Eddie Kingston wasted no time attacking Chris Jericho to open AEW Revolution, basically running to the ring. Kingston landed a suplex that had Jericho land on his neck. After being taken to the outside, Jericho made a comeback and started beating Kingston down. He landed a stiff knee to the face, and both started chopping the other. The crowd was red hot for this. Stiff shots were the theme of the night, as there were no freebies.

.@MadKing1981 makes his way to the ring and he is FIRED UP! #AEWRevolution is LIVE on PPV right now! Available on @BleacherReport & @FiteTV (Int.)! pic.twitter.com/1CbVJLUyl9

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

Jericho lands a top rope hurricanrana and then ripped the top turnbuckle off. A suplex by Kingston, but Jericho countered an exploder into a suplex off the apron. Jericho landed a few elbows, a suplex, and the Lionsault, but it was not enough. Jericho caught Kingston in the Walls of Jericho but Kingston made it to the ropes to the delight of the crowd. Jericho didn't let go until the count of five. Aubrey Edwards and Jericho got into it, and Kingston landed a suplex to a distracted Jericho. Kingston landed the spinning backfist but Jericho shocked everyone by kicking out at two!

Jericho hit a surprise Codebreaker but only for two. He then landed a running Codebreaker, and tried for the Judas Effect. Jericho told Kingston, "You'll never win the big one" but Kingston landed two backfists and then submitted Jericho for the win. Kingston tried to shake Jericho's hand but Jericho wouldn't do it. An excellent opener that was just two guys beating the other one up.

Can @MadKing1981 pull off the submission win?! #AEWRevolution is LIVE on PPV right now! Available on @BleacherReport & @FiteTV (Int.)! pic.twitter.com/Rvg2wj6Vx8

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022

Grade: A-

Hale: A battle for respect between the grizzled veteran and the late bloomer gave us the right mix of emotion, wrestling and brawling with the right man going over and Jericho drifting back into heel territory. Kingston nearly killed Jericho with a half and half suplex, setting the tone for a match that was more of a fight than a match. It served as a coming-out party of sorts for Kingston. A lot has to be said about Jericho getting into tremendous shape for this match as well.

There will be better wrestling on this card and there probably will be an even better brawl, but this was the right mix of both that saw Kingston get the submission from the stretched plum after a cocky Jericho overplayed his hand.

Kingston’s expression when he realized he won, coupled with Jericho being unable to show respect to a man whom he ran down during the build to the match will do well for both moving forward.

Grade: B+

8 p.m. ET - The pay-per-view has begun

7:40 p.m. ET - One of the last matches of the Buy-In is about to take place as the House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews) take on Death Triangle (PAC and Pentagon Jr.) and Erick Redbeard. The House of Black had a true superstar entrance. Penta and Matthews had a nice exchange early in the match, and then Redbeard made his official in-ring debut against King. Matthews and PAC then exchanged moves, which had the crowd hot. PAC played the face in peril under Penta tagged in and started cleaning house.

Penta lands Fear Factor on the apron but Black was not the legal man. With Redbeard all alone, he cleans house. Redbeard tries to attack Matthews, but Black kicks him in the face. Black spits the black mist on Redbeard and King lands a piledriver for the win.

7:25 p.m. ET - It is time for QT Marshall vs. HOOK. Marshall tries to outsmark HOOK in the early part of the match, but HOOK landed multiple suplexes to wear Marshall down. HOOK ended up landing REDRUM and Marshall had no choice but to tap out. The rivalry appears to be over, as Marshall was considered a top competitor for HOOK to face.


— ftw (@OfficialTAZ) March 7, 2022

7:17 p.m. ET - It was teased that Kenny Omega would come out, but Don Callis appears instead. Callis yelled at the fans while they yelled obscenities back. He talked about how Omega is coming back to become AEW World Champion.

7:02 pm ET - The buy-in started with Leyla Hirsch and Kris Statlander. These two have had a great rivarly accross AEW programming. Hirsch attacked the arm of Statlander, focusing on a submission win. Statlander used an impressive array of high-flying moves to slow down Hirsch, while Hirsch used her strength to make this a strong affair. Hirsch hit Statlander with a piece of the turnbuckle and landed her finisher for the win.

And @legitleyla steals the win!Watch the #AEWRevolution Buy-In LIVE right now! ▶️ https://t.co/qXtDrWsylm pic.twitter.com/knHwv3izAn

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 7, 2022