7 ways to decorate a double-height living room

Few architectural elements add drama to a space the way a double-height ceiling does. In the living room, it offers the perfect setting for bold, luxurious decor by making room for other arresting design accents such as a striking chandelier, statement artwork or an unusual piece of furniture. Double-height spaces can also create a brilliant interplay between the public and private areas of the home. Follow these tips to create an airy double-height living room that’s a visual spectacle.

7 ways to decorate a double-height living room

Install Tall Windows

Tall windows or large glass panels can flood your living room with natural light, bring in outdoor views and create the illusion of a larger space. Use a neutral colour to further enhance the height of the space.

Create A Focal Point

Transform the double-height walls of the living room into an accent feature by decorating them with wall art, wallpaper, textured paint, 3D wall panels, or stone cladding. Select a statement piece, rather than a collection of artworks, and display it at eye level. Alternatively, consider using artworks, photographs and prints with a similar theme to achieve a cohesive look. If the living room has a staircase, be sure to integrate its design into the living-room decor.

Install A Statement Chandelier

An oversized chandelier or sculptural light fixture is a must-have for a double-height living room. They draw the eye upwards, fill the vertical space, and add a lot of personality!