7 Best Poop Sprays To Discreetly Banish Odor From Your Bathroom

"You can spray it in the toilet before going and the oil on top blocks the hydrocarbons that our body produces from stool," says Dr. Sonpal. "It reduces the amount of odor."

You can keep bottles of poop sprays and drops on the back of the toilet in your house, but you can also take it on the go for any dreaded public poops.

7 best poop sprays

Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray — $5 to $15

Poo-Pourri is without a doubt the poop spray with the most impressive name recognition. It’s available in this lavender peppermint scent and 20 others ranging from seasonal pumpkin spice to black pepper and leather. Grab a small bottle to take on the go and a big one to leave in your bathroom at home.

Shop NowAēsop Post-Poo Drops — $29.00

7 Best Poop Sprays To Discreetly Banish Odor From Your Bathroom

Make taking a poo feel luxe by using the Aēsop Post-Poo Drops. Add a few drops to the bowl after you flush and it deodorizes odors. It has bright, citrisy scent, with notes of tangerine peel, ylang-ylang, and mandarin peel.

Shop NowHemlock Park Bathroom & Toilet Spray — $9.00

Spritz the Hemlock Park Bathroom & Toilet Spray in the bowl before you go, and add it to the air if you need a little extra help. It’s available in five scents: yuzu citrus, lavender, palo santo, blood orange sage, and sandalwood.

Shop Now Related Stories {{ truncate(post.title, 12) }} The Northern Oil Drop Dirty Little Secret — $6 to $14

The Northern Oil Drop Dirty Little Secret is available in over 20 scents. Choose from bright scents like lemongrass+mint, airy scents like fresh+clean, and warm scents like mulled cider. It’s also available in five different sizes so you’re always prepared.

Shop NowGrove Co. Clear the Air Toilet Spray — $10.00

If you’ve got a Grove Co. subscription, consider adding the Clear the Air Toilet Spray to your cart. It’s available in lavender, coconut, and citrus. If you don’t already have a Grove Co. membership, consider this your nudge. For $20 a year, you’ll have access to tons of sustainable home and cleaning products.

Shop NowDeep Well Botanicals PooFection! Toilet Spray — $3 to $16

The Deep Well Botanicals PooFection! Toilet Spray is made from 100 percent pure essential oils. This citrus spray is a blend of sweet orange, cedarwood, pink grapefruit, and lime.

Shop NowAir Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Toilet Spray — $7 to $18

Make your poop smell lemony fresh with the Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Toilet Spray. It uses essential oils to keep the stench in your toilet bowl.

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