60 weird but genius things that are wildly popular on Amazon right now

It’s so interesting the way a product can suddenly tear through all corners of society, capturing everyone’s must-have impulses and sweeping shoppers into its thrall. These winds of popularity seem to come from nowhere, but are suddenly everywhere. Some of these fads I’d personally rather leave behind forever. But others have staying power, mostly because they are fun or super useful. With buyer reviews and social media fueling the speed at which information spreads, there are more of these products now than ever. In fact, I found 60 weird but genius things that are wildly popular on Amazon right now.

Whether it’s a clever tool that transforms a ripe avocado into perfect slices with a few movements, a virtual reality headset that can help you travel to the far reaches of the metaverse, or a two-compartment bowl, so you can keep your cereal separate from your milk for ultimate crunchiness, people are snapping these products up, loving them, and spreading the word.

The enthusiasm for these unique, fan-favorite finds shows no signs of waning — which means you might want to add them to your cart before they fly off the virtual shelves. Read on and find the weird thing you need.

1. A waterproof sports camera you can take underwater

VEMONT 1080p Action CameraAmazon

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when it cost thousands to take any sort of camera underwater, so it is pretty amazing that this budget-friendly sports camera can withstand depths up to 98 feet to shoot stills or video. It offers 1080p resolution and is also small enough to tuck into a pocket or wear on a wrist lanyard.

2. This handy burner for more cooking space & quick meals anywhere

Elite Gourmet Single Countertop BurnerAmazon

Hitting the road and want to cook some ramen in the hotel? Or maybe you’re running out of stove space for a dinner party? This little burner is super easy to use and heats up fast. The burner lifts, so you can clean under it and it’s so affordable you can pay for it with one meal not eaten in a restaurant.

3. The pan that makes perfect little pancakes

Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Pancake PanAmazon

Pour your batter into the pre-shaped wells of this nonstick cast aluminum pan and whip up an entire batch of small pancakesat once. Each of your seven pancakes will be the perfect shape and will slide right out of the pan for a fast and easy breakfast for the entire family.

4. The last pocket notebook you will ever need (because it’s reusable)

Rocketbook Smart Reusable NotebookAmazon

This clever notebook is a genius melding of paper and digital note taking. It’s small enough to keep in a pocket to jot down thoughts and lists, but when you want those notes in the cloud — Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive, or whatever you use — just scan the page with your phone and send them there, transcribed and searchable. Then wipe the pages of the notebook clean and keep using it.

5. A waterproof phone mount so you can stay connected in the shower

Spread Pixie Dust Wall-Mounted Shower Phone HolderAmazon

Want to watch Netflix while you shampoo? Follow along on a YouTube video on hair care while you care for your hair? See who’s at the door before you step out of the water? Mount this waterproof phone mount to the shower wall and stay connected. A set of adhesive hooks stick to the tile and the mount, and the anti-fog window is touch-sensitive.

6. This pickle grabber that clips into a slotted spoon

Joseph Joseph Scoop & Pick SetAmazon

This combination condiment fork and scoop is a brilliant idea for anyone who likes pickles, olives, or other jar-kept snacks. The fork fits seamlessly into the slotted spoon handle so you’re ready to effortlessly retrieve an olive or spear a gherkin whenever snack time rolls around. No more washing a new fork every time you eat a pickle.

7. The cheese slicer that won’t ruin your block of manchego or English cheddar

Zulay Cheese SlicerAmazon

If you get big blocks of hard cheese and struggle to cut thin slices from it, this cheese slicer is the tool you need. Adjust the width of the wire to the thickness of the slice you want and roll it along the top of the block. It cuts through hard cheeses easily and makes tidy pieces from soft cheeses like mozzarella. The body is solid cast zinc alloy and it comes with two replacement wires.

8. These 4 lanterns that are perfect for camping

Lepro Portable LED Camping Lanterns (4-Pack )Amazon

These four battery-powered lights have built-in hooks, so you can hang them from the ceiling of your tent or a rope strung between trees to create lighting for your campsite. Also great for preparedness kits, they are lightweight, waterproof, dimmable, convenient, and throw a broad beam.

9. This tool that makes fast work of avocados

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado SlicerAmazon

You probably did not know that you needed an avocado slicer but it turns out that, yes, you do. This one does everything from cut through the skin to remove the pit to quickly slice the fruit into perfect pieces in just a few movements. The best part? It boasts a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 28,000 reviews.

10. A guillotine that makes it easy to slice bagels

Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine Universal SlicerAmazon

Slicing bagels with a sharp bread knife can be tricky, which is why this guillotine keeps the blade safely inside a clear plastic cage. Just put the bagel on the rack and drop the blade to cut a straight line through any bagel, bun, or roll. The bottom tray even keeps the crumbs under control.

11. This VR headset for traveling to the metaverse

BNEXT VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android PhoneAmazon

Want to discover the metaverse that already exists? It’s out there and this comfortable VR headset is your ride. Put your smartphone in it, strap it on, and find somewhere safe to store your body because you can go to space, ride a roller coaster, explore other countries, or swim deep in seas filled with everything from manatees to dinosaurs. It’s just a matter of tracking down the right app.

12. The toilet paper holder that also holds your phone

Polarduck Toilet Paper ShelfAmazon

Ever dropped your phone in the toilet or struggled for a place to put it while you go? Upgrade your bathroom to keep up with modern times by replacing your toilet paper roll holder with this clean, modern, brushed stainless steal one with a shelf for your phone. The open end means it’s also super easy to load with paper.

13. This headband with built-in headphones

Perytong Bluetooth Headband HeadphonesAmazon

Pull this headband on to keep your ears warm while you run or walk, or put it on when you crash on the couch for a nap. It is soft, breathable, and has built-in Bluetooth headphones, so you can chat on the phone, listen to music, or listen to books on tape.

14. A set of containers to keep produce fresh longer

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Savers (Set of 3)Amazon

Tired of discovering spoiled fruit and vegetables in the back of the fridge? Store them in these three containers designed to keep produce fresh. The lids vent to create airflow and optimal humidity while a raised floor keeps water away from your perishables. “These preserve my produce much longer,” says one five-star reviewer. “Even berries don’t spoil as quickly.”

60 weird but genius things that are wildly popular on Amazon right now

15. This solar-powered battery for emergencies or camping

BLAVOR Solar Power BankAmazon

Set this battery backup in a sunny window, attach it to your backpack, or leave it on the picnic table and it will soak up the sun’s rays and turn them into power for your phone and other electronics. It charges via USB when you are near a power source and there’s a built-in flashlight to make it extra useful.

16. A cereal bowl for people who love the crunch

Just Solutions! Anti-Soggy Cereal BowlAmazon

For some people, cereal is all about the crunch, which means that eating breakfast is a race against time and mushiness. This bowl lets you calm down and enjoy your meal because it keeps the milk in one side and the cereal in another, so you can mix the two at your own pace. It’s also a great way to snack on chips and dip — put dip on one side and chips on the other.

17. This folding keyboard so you can work from your phone

Samsers Foldable Bluetooth KeyboardAmazon

If you get frustrated typing long emails on your phone’s screen, keep this battery-powered folding keyboard handy. It’s super portable but opens up to a full-size QWERTY keyboard that’s responsive enough for touch typists. It’s rechargeable and comes with a phone stand, so you get a good view of your phone’s screen.

18. The chiller that takes a beverage from warm to cold in 60 seconds

HyperChiller Beverage ChillerAmazon

When the coffee is hot and you wish it was cold — or someone asks for white wine and you have none in the fridge —pull this beverage chiller out of the freezer and fill it up. It chills that wine or coffee in 60 seconds without diluting it. More than 8,000 reviewers have given it a perfect five-star rating.

19. This purple witch that holds your stirring spoon

OTOTO Agatha Kitchen Spoon RestAmazon

Who is most famous for stirring a cauldron? Witches, of course. And this purple witch perches on the side of a pot or on the counter and rides on your wooden stirring spoon like a broom, holding it steady until you need it. She is so much more fun than a boring spoon rest.

20. A batter mixer that dispenses without all the mess

Norpro Batter DispenserAmazon

Mix your batter — for pancakes, waffles, or muffins — in this dispenser. It has measurements printed right on the side, so you can mix your batter right in it, instead of hauling out a bowl. Just pull the handle when you are ready to dispense and batter will come right out of the bottom. It prevents drips and saves you from washing all those measuring cups and bowls.

21. The fabric shaver that returns clothes & upholstery to like-new condition

Conair Battery-Operated Fabric DefuzzerAmazon

When your sweaters look ready for the donation pile, shave them instead. You can quickly remove broken threads, pills, fuzz, and lint with this simple shaver that has three settings for damage-free resurfacing. It works for all your woolens, knits, sweaters, and fabric furniture.

22. This mug warmer that keeps your coffee piping

Mr. Coffee Mug WarmerAmazon

Drinking coffee or tea is all about the art of timing sips so that it’s not too hot or too cold (because you forgot it was there while waiting for it to cool). Instead of all that hassle, keep your mug on this highly rated coffee warmer to keep it toasty until that last delicious sip.

23. This plastic welder that makes small repairs

Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic WelderAmazon

When plastic snaps, it seems like that’s the end of it because there is nothing you can do to fix it. Not so — Bondic is a honey-textured polymer you squeeze out of a tube, and then zapwith the included UV light wand. And just like that, the polymer liquid turns into hard plastic. You can use it to fix anything made of plastic, like glasses and toys.

24. A clip-on colander for easier straining

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain StrainerAmazon

Instead of aiming the hot liquid in your pan at the colander in the sink and hoping for the best, snap this strainer onto the edge of the pan and get it right. It holds the pasta — or whatever you are removing the liquid from — in the pot while the liquid goes down the drain. Also helpful: The colander collapses flat for non-bulky storage.

25. This outlet extender with a shelf on top

Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender ShelfAmazon

This outlet extender can solve so many problems in your house because it turns two outlets into six standard outlets, two USB ports, and a USB-C plug ,so you can charge up everything from the same place. It’s surge-protected and also has a shelf on top to store your electric toothbrush, phone, tablet, or other gear.

26. The magnetic cloud that holds your keys

TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Key HolderAmazon

This cute cloud floats on your wall and holds onto your keys, so you can always find them. It has three super strong embedded magnets, so all you have to do is touch your keys to the cloud to secure them. Installing it is simple, too: Just peel off the adhesive backing and stick it wherever you want it.

27. This machine that makes quick mini donuts anytime

Dash Mini Donut Maker MachineAmazon

When the urge for donuts strikes, you don’t have to drive out to the bakery because you can whip up a batch of mini donuts in just a few minutes with this adorable donut maker. Just pour in the batter, close the lid, and wait until buzzer lets you know that they are done. Eat them right out of the machine or douse them in toppings and sprinkles.

28. A lighted magnifier so you can read all the fine print

MagniPros Ultra-Bright LED 3X Page MagnifierAmazon

When did typefaces get so small? Keep this lighted page magnifier handy and you won’t have to answer that question because it will make all the tiny print large enough to read while throwing glare-free light on it at the same time. Over 8,000 people have given it five stars.

29. This cookie press for making fancy cookies

Wilton Preferred Press Cookie PressAmazon

When you want to whip up a huge batch of beautiful cookies, save yourself some trouble and load your batter into this cookie pressto shoot out bakery-worthy shapes. The press comes with 12 disks for creating different designs that would imprss anyone.

30. These filtering sticks for headache-free wine

PureWine Wand Filters (8-Pack)Amazon

If sipping a glass of wine always leaves you with a nasty headache, you might be reacting to the sulfites and histamines in it. Dip these purifying sticks into your glass and stir thoroughly to remove those common irritants. You’ll be able to enjoy your vino without the red flush, headache, or stuffiness. And not to worry — the filters won’t influence the taste of your wine.

31. The Japanese exfoliating towel people are going wild for

GOSHI Exfoliating Shower TowelAmazon

If you wish your skin was softer or that your loofah or shower puff lathered better, let me introduce you to GOSHI. Made in the textile capital of Japan, this extra-long textured cloth turns a dollop of body wash into serious lather and gently exfoliates your entire body because it’s long enough to reach your back, legs, and feet.

32. This genius pour-over coffee maker that’s so easy to use

OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water TankAmazon

Making a terrific cup of pour-over coffee requires a bit of artistry and patience —or you can use this pour-over coffee maker with a tank on top. Just fill the cone with grounds and the tank with enough hot water to fill the cup underneath and it drips the coffee slowly over the grounds while you go back to being half asleep. Absolutely genius.

33. The bed-shaking alarm clock that will get you out of bed

LIELONGREN Loud Vibrating Alarm ClockAmazon

If you are such a good sleeper that no alarm clock can wake you, you are blessed. You are also, probably, frequently late. When you want to be on time, set your alarm with this super loud, vibrating alarm clock and put the buzzer in the bed with you. The vibration will wake you even if the noise doesn’t. It can handle two alarms and has two USB plugs to charge your gear.

34. These giant claws for shredding meat

The Original Bear Paws Shredder ClawsAmazon

If you are shredding your barbecued pork with a pair of forks, try these huge bear-paw sized claws instead. Besides making you feel like an apex predator, they will make fast work of your pulled pork, chicken, or beef. They’re also an easier way to lift large pieces of meat onto — and off of — the grill. More than 18,000 people have awarded them a five-star rating.

35. The UV light phone sanitizer that’s also a wireless charger

Samsung Electronics Wireless Charger and UV SanitizerAmazon

Drop your phone into this box and press the button to give your phone a disinfecting light bath while charging its battery. Large enough to fit big smart phones, it eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the phone without the use of chemicals, and charges any Qi-compatible phone at the same time.

36. This table that clips onto the arm of your chair

Xchouxer Sofa Arm Clip TableAmazon

Wish you had a handy place to set a glass or the remote in your living room, even though you lack side tables? Clip this tray to the arm of your chair and keep everything right at hand without adding furniture. Strong springs hold it firmly to the arm of any couch or armchair.

37. A whiteboard you can keep right in front of you

Quartet Glass Desktop Computer PadAmazon

This clever whiteboard takes advantage of that bit of dead space between your monitor and keyboard to give you a place to jot important notes and reminders, as well as store a few essential office supplies. It comes in plain white and four decorative patterns and has a drawer hidden underneath for storing small items. Plus, the erasable glass surface is resistant to ghosting.

38. This portable & packable towel for the gym or camping

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel Amazon

This microfiber towel folds up so small that you can keep it in your day bag, but it alsoabsorbs a lot of water quickly, so it’s perfect for use after showering at the gym, while camping, or after getting caught in the rain. It dries super fast, too, and comes in 10 colors and six sizes.

39. A ramen bowl that cooks & transports your meal

Prep Solutions by Progressive 4-Piece Microwave Ramen Bowl To-GoAmazon

Pack up your ramen lunch in this bowl in the morning and, at mealtime, you’ll be just a few minutes from a hot meal. Microwave the ramen in the bowl, add your fixings from the clear organizer tray, and eat. It even comes with foolproof chopsticks that require no skill to use.

40. A place to put your drink while you shower

SipCaddy Shower Drink HolderAmazon

Combine the two best parts of the day — cocktail hour and a shower — into one blissful “me time” moment by suctioning this drink holder to the shower or bath wall. With a weight capacity of seven pounds, it’s designed to handle anything from beer to wine, so your drink is out of the spray of water but right within reach.

41. This weird-looking scalp massager that feels amazing

HEETA Scalp Massage BrushAmazon

It looks like something you might find in a medieval museum, but this scalp massager packs tons of hair-care excellence into a few minutes in the shower — and it’s a great way to relax. According to one of the over 75,000 five-star reviewers, it’s “a piece of heaven. Really leaves my scalp feeling refreshed and clean.”

42. The best view in the house if you are a cat

vea Pets Luxury Cat HammockAmazon

When you live with a natural (but adorable) predator, you want to offer them the sensation of the hunt, even if you don’t plan to let them wreak havoc on the local bird population. This cat bed is made from wood and can hold up to 30 pounds — place it by the window to give your kitty the best view.

43. A cooler to keep your slim cans cold to the last sip

BrüMate Stainless Steel Insulated Can CoolerAmazon

When you are sipping your White Claw or fruity beer, you want it to stay cold until you are done with it, right? Otherwise you’ll be tempted to drink it fast just to hold onto the best-when-cold flavor. This insulated cooler for slim cans keeps it from warming up. Just put a cold one in there and it will stay that way until you are done. It comes in 27 colors, so you will know which beverage is yours.

44. The light bulb that connects to your smart home

Kasa Smart BulbAmazon

Screw this light bulb in, connect it to the app or smart home assistant, and you can dial up whatever color or level ofbrightness you crave at any time. Set the lights to come on automatically to match your schedule, create mood lighting for dinner or meditation, and tell Alexa to turn the lights on or off. There is no hub required.

45. This complete bonsai kit with a grower’s guide

Nature's Blossom Bonsai Tree KitAmazon

Ever wondered how to turn a tree into a bonsai you can enjoy indoors? This bonsai kit has everything you need to try it out. There are seeds for four common bonsai trees — Jacaranda mimosifolia, Pinus aristata, Pinus phunbergii, and Picea mariana — soil pucks, pots, tools, and instructions. This is a great way to add a little zen to your living room or office.

46. A wireless charging pad that’s a necessary life upgrade

Yootech Wireless ChargerAmazon

Do you yourself a small favor and give up the nightly struggle to plug that charging cable into your phone, and just plug this wireless charging pad in once. Forevermore, you can simply set your phone on top, note the brief green light that tells you it connected, and go to sleep. It’s so easy, you could do it in your sleep.

47. These bear-paw oven mitts so you can cosplay while baking

Genuine Fred Bear Hands Oven Mitts Amazon

Every time you take cookies out of the oven is a missed opportunity for cosplay if you don’t wear these bear hand oven mitts. They have pads and flexibe claws for verisimilitude and are realistic enough to scare the dog, and will keep your hands safe when pulling something out of the oven.

48. A 2-pack of webcam slider covers for extra security

CloudValley Webcam Slider Covers (2-Pack)Amazon

Many new laptops come with a cover for the web camera, so you never have to worry if someone is watching you through it, but don’t worry if yours doesn’t. These two slider covers are easy to install — just peel and stick them over the camera, then slide them open any time you want to use the camera.

49. A slim & minimal wallet for a lighter load

Buffway Slim RFID-Blocking Leather WalletAmazon

Open your wallet and study the contents. How much of that do you really need to have in your pocket at all times? This slender, minimalist wallet will help you keep your every day carry pared down to the bare minimum. There is room for some cash, an ID, and a few cards. It comes in 28 colors and gets 52,000 five-star reviews.

50. This cocktail muddler & mixing spoon

Hiware Cocktail Muddler and Mixing SpoonAmazon

Your bar might seem complete but do you own a muddler? This tool is essential to mojitos and many other delicious beverages. This 10-inch muddler with a stainless handle and nylon muddling end is gentle on glassware and effective at releasing the flavors of fruits and herbs into your drink. The companion stirrer has a spoon on one end and a fork for grabbing garnishes on the other.

51. The super simple magnetic phone mount for your car

WixGear Magnetic Phone Car Mounts (2-Pack)Amazon

Want a phone mount system that you can keep in a pocket? This magnetic mount takes up almost no room in your car — or in your travel bag if you are renting a car — and snaps onto the air vents in just a second. Simply stick the included metal plate to the back of your phone, then you can secure your phone to the mount instantly, so you can navigate, take calls, and listen to music. This pack comes with two mounts.

52. This cute sloth that brews your tea

Genuine Fred Slow Brew Sloth Tea InfuserAmazon

Fill this adorable sloth’s belly with tea leaves and hang it on the edge of your cup and it will brew you up a delicious cuppa. When the tea is ready, simply pull him up and out of his tea bath. This tea infuser is not just adorable, it’s also practical.

53. This microwavable bacon tray that drains grease & prevents splatter

Prep Solutions Microwavable Bacon GrillAmazon

It turns out the microwave can make perfectly crispy bacon super fast. Designed for the microwave, the bacon griller holds four to six strips of bacon above the ridged surface, so the grease drips away. It also has a vented lid to keep mess to a minimum.

54. A blanket that looks like a giant tortilla

CASOFU Burrito BlanketAmazon

People all over the place are curling up in this blanket that looks like a giant tortilla. And when you wrap something warm in a tortilla, you get a burrito, right? That’s what you will look like wrapped up in this (and everyone loves burritos). They love them so much that over 38,000 people gave this fleece tortilla — that’s actually super soft and cozy — five stars.

55. This card game where kittens explode

Exploding KittensAmazon

Want to play something darkly funny on game night? Exploding Kittens is loaded with edgy humor and requires some strategy, but is so easy to play that everyone in your game night will find it fun, hilarious, and fast-paced. Almost 44,000 people have given it a five-star rating.

56. A big, comfy pillow for the bath

Gorilla Grip Spa Bath PillowAmazon

Sink into the hot water and rest your head and shoulders on this enormous and comfy pillow that grips the side of the tub and cushions your body from the hard surface. Seven suction cups hold it in place and 2 inches of padded foam make your soak super relaxing. It comes in four colors.

57. This long rocker that cuts pizza easily

Checkered Chef Rocker Blade Pizza CutterAmazon

If you bake pizza, you know getting it out of the oven with perfect crust is only part of the battle. Next, you have to cut it with the feeble tools you have on hand. A knife? A rolling cutter? They are either too short or too difficult to cut in a straight line. This rocker gets it right every time. Just line up your cut and lean into it. It has a blade cover, so you can store it in a drawer.

58. A machine that makes perfect breakfast sandwiches

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich MakerAmazon

Does this breakfast sandwich maker seem improbable? Yes, but does it make excellent sandwiches? Also yes. Just line everything up in the various parts — bread or muffins on the top and bottom, egg in the egg fryer, everything else where you want it — and close the lid. It cooks it all and turns out breakfast in just a few minutes.

59. This Bluetooth tracker for the things you don’t want to lose

Tile Mate Bluetooth TrackerAmazon

What are you afraid of losing? Your keys, bag, cat? Attach this Tile tracker to that thing and connect the tracker to your phone via Bluetooth. Now you can find that thing wherever it goes. Look on your phone and locate it on a map or tap a button to set off an alarm on the tracker. You can even use the tracker in reverse to ring your phone (perfect for the absentminded among us).

60. This ingenious way to drain bottles to the last drop

Flip-It! Bottle Emptying Kit (6 Pack)Amazon

When you can’t get the honey, mayo, or shampoo out of the bottle, screw on one of these bizarre lids with tripod arms and store the bottle upside down. Gravity will do all the work so that when you want to squirt out a bit of product or condiment, the bottle will be primed. There are six lids in four sizes.

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