6 Reasons Why Rigid Core Flooring Has Your Back

If you’re a home builder fortunate enough to avoid skilled labor shortage, thank your lucky stars. For most builders, contractors, and specialty contractors, finding and keeping talent is a constant headache.

Consider floor installers, for example. According to the Floor Covering Leadership Council, the trade will be short up to 6,000 installers each year for the next 10 years (not counting existing shortages). You know what that means for hardwood floors. Expect more cost and installation delays, probably both.

Small wonder why many home builders have shifted to flooring alternatives that don’t require the same installation skill and time. One beneficiary of the switch are resilient flooring substitutes that offer high-end aesthetics, like luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and rigid core products.

“Home builders are rethinking traditional flooring products, even at the luxury end,” says Tony Pastrana, a 43-year veteran of the residential and commercial flooring business. “LVP and new rigid core flooring are on the rise because they present builders with fewer callback issues.”

6 Reasons Why Rigid Core Flooring Has Your Back

Pastrana notes several reasons why LVP and rigid core products are trending strong with builders:

In a build environment that places an ever-increasing premium on availability, installation speed, and all-around durability, Pastrana says nothing in his experience is more builder-friendly than Empower for luxury and custom home applications.

“Yes, hardwood floors are great. But today’s home builder needs every advantage they can get. I can’t think of a better one than Empower.”

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