6 Great Water Purifiers That Will Keep You Hydrated and Sipping Safely

From smart pitchers to filtering dispenser systems, these standout water purifiers provide worry-free hydration.

By Andrea Devoto

Updated on 1/20/2022 at 2:07 PM

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Drinking water is a cornerstone to living a healthy life. Whether you consume it simply to quench your thirst or are committed to completing half a gallon a day, making sure the H2O you’re drinking is clean is critically important. However, not everyone has access to clean water straight from the faucet, and, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, there’s a number of frequently found contaminants that can render it undrinkable by its standards. To that end, a proper water filter to keep out potential toxins is a must-have in your kitchen.

6 Great Water Purifiers That Will Keep You Hydrated and Sipping Safely

If you don’t already have a water filtration system directly to your sink (or are unable to install one), a water filter pitcher or dispenser are great options to get started. To help you choose the right one, we’ve tracked down the best rated and most popular options out there. From design-forward pitchers to dispensers that will fit perfectly in any fridge, check out these options to sip worry-free.

Brita 18-Cup UltraMax Pitcher$32

There’s a reason why this Brita pitcher has become the go-to for many households. The brand is known for its filter technology that promises to remove 99% of lead and is certified to reduce chlorine, asbestos, mercury, benzene, cadmium, and more. This dispenser is compact enough to conveniently store in your fridge and is easy to refill via the flip-top lid.

ProOne Water Filter Pitcher with Fruit Infuser$70

This pitcher boasts a silver-infused filter that can remove 200-plus contaminants and prevents the growth of bacteria with ion exchange technology, delivering pure tasting filtered water every time. It’s also cleanable and reusable so you can use it for up to six months (or to filter up to 225 gallons of water). Additionally, this model features a fruit infuser chamber so you can easily (and naturally) add flavors you like.

PUR PLUS Large Filtered Water Dispenser$69

If you live in a crowded house (or just happen to over-achieve at staying hydrated), a large-format 30-cup dispenser like this option from PUR is your best bet. This one boasts a simple pull-down tab spout, a slim design that easily fits in most fridges, and a handy indicator light to let you know when it’s time to change the filter. Plus you can rest easy knowing it's certified to reduce lead and 22 other contaminants by 99%.

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter$332

This one serves as both a filter and a purification system, which means you can turn tap water or raw, untreated freshwater from ponds, rivers or streams into water that’s safe to drink. The system utilizes a unique gravity-fed method to purify water for up to four people a day, and is able to catch large contaminants and materials (and even viruses), so that they’re not passed into your drinking water. Even better? Berkey’s filters can last for up to three years.

Buy LARQ Pitcher PureVis$119$148

Unlike traditional filters, LARQ hanesses a unique two-step filtration and purification process using plant-based carbon filters to effectively remove chemicals like chlorine and a range of contaminants such as lead, mercury, PFAS / PFOS, HAA5, pharmaceuticals, and Volatile Organic Compounds, all while preventing bio-contaminant growth. Also, it boasts a convenient intelligent filter life tracker that tells you when you need to replace the filter based on household water consumption via a companion app.

Soma Water Pitcher$40

If clean water and sustainable design is your priority, consider this water pitcher from Soma. It boasts a coconut shell carbon and charcoal filter that removes chemicals from your water, and a BPA-free plastic container that holds 10 cups of water per refill. Many satisfied reviewers agree that it results in water that’s “clean, odorless and tastes great.”

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