50 genius practical things under $25 that should be in every home

If you ask me, there are usually some household staples you can almost guarantee will be in every home on the block. Knife sets, plungers, dust pans — all practical items that get a ton of use. But what about beeswax food wraps or oversized bath pillows? While those might not be as common, they should be in every home — and so should all the other genius, yet practical things I've included on this list.

50 genius practical things under  that should be in every home

But if you still need a little convincing, don't worry — those reusable food wraps truly speak for themselves. Not only can they help you save money when compared to plastic wrap, but they're so sturdy that you can even wash them in the sink. Or, if you're in dire need of a spa day, just grab that bath pillow. It features two extra-large panels, helping to keep your head and shoulders comfortable while you soak. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the reusable food baggies; so much that I've even added them to my cart for later.

And because genuinely practical things are hardly ever really expensive, I've made sure that everything on this list is $25 or less. So what are you waiting for? I wasn't kidding about adding those baggies to my cart, you know.