5 ways your celebrity counterparts do bathroom remodeling

We know that celebrities have the money and resources to do anything they want with their homes. But what about when it comes to bathroom remodeling? We all know how important a good bathroom is for relaxation and comfort, so we were curious about what our favorite celebrities would do if they needed a major overhaul. Well, we found out! Here are 5 ways your celebrity counterparts might tackle a big bathroom remodel:

1. Replace the toilet with a new, more efficient one.

You’ll want to replace your toilet if it’s old and inefficient. New toilets use less water and are more environmentally friendly. For a major remodel, you might want to go even further with your toilet replacement by replacing the tank as well.

We recommend going for broke on this one! Get a new toilet with an elongated bowl if it’s not already installed in your bathroom. In addition to saving water, a new toilet helps save money on your water bill.

2. Update your sink – if it’s old, replace it!

If you have an old sink, it might be time to update. If your sink is made of porcelain or ceramic that’s chipping away, it’s probably time for a replacement! You can also replace your sinks with something more modern by installing one with stainless steel or other new materials. This helps give the bathroom a streamlined look and feel.

5 ways your celebrity counterparts do bathroom remodeling

You can also try adding a pedestal sink to your bathroom if you have the space for it! This type of sink is very popular in old Hollywood glamour bathrooms because it’s unique and adds to any room’s aesthetic appeal. If you want something more modern, however, go for a vessel style sink instead.

3. Install lighting that is bright enough for makeup application and shaving

Good lighting in the bathroom is very important for a number of reasons. Not only do you need enough light to be able to apply your makeup, but you also want good lighting when shaving and doing other grooming activities like curling your hair.

This can get pretty pricey depending on what type of lighting fixtures you’re going with (and how many you need), so it might be best to hire a contractor for this project.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to go with recessed lighting fixtures to get good bathroom lighting; overhead lights (pot lights) can do the trick as well! Just make sure your pot lights are bright enough – some aren’t very powerful and will leave you in the dark.

4. Add an anti-bacterial soap dispenser to help prevent germs from spreading

You might not realize it, but the bathroom is actually one of the most germ-ridden places in your home – especially if you don’t clean it regularly. One way to help prevent this from happening as much is by investing in an anti-bacterial soap dispenser for your sink.

This will also save you money down the line because you won’t have to keep buying soap or body wash!

5. Upgrade your shower head

Let’s face it – the shower you have now is probably pretty old. And if your water pressure isn’t great, then an upgrade might be something to look into! So, let’s talk about a shower replacement.

For a major remodel, go for a rainfall-style showerhead so that you can experience luxury during your time in your bathroom. If you’re looking for a smaller upgrade, then you might want to go with something that’s more modern – like a handheld showerhead that comes in different spray settings.

As you can see, there are many bathroom remodeling ideas to consider when renovating your own. However, it is important that the pre-renovation planning process be thorough and deliberate in order for your renovation goals to become reality. With some careful consideration of what type of design appeals most to you and how much time or money you have available for this project, any one of these celebrity counterparts could be inspiration for bathrooms that will leave us with envy!