4 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Its Water Bill for 2022

Having running water is a basic need when operating a business, particularly with the increased cleaning, hand washing, and sanitising standards.

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to cut expenses and save money, and reviewing your company’s water bills is a great place to start.

Frequently ignored as another monthly expenditure, your utility rates can often be lowered, saving you money and benefiting the environment.

Switch Water Suppliers

Changing your water supplier can be the most uncomplicated way to save on your water bills.

Businesses can save on their water expenses by using an independent water provider like Castle Water.

In April 2017, England’s business water market was deregulated, allowing companies to choose who delivers their water.

Most businesses are put on a presumed rate, which may or may not be the best choice.

You can select the ideal plan for you by picking your provider, which typically saves you time and money.

Install A Water Meter

Many businesses can’t check and report their water meter readings daily, weekly, or monthly.

If you want to keep track of your water consumption, consider having an automated water meter installed.

You will be able to keep track of how much your next payment will be if you switch over to the automated water meters.

This way, you can keep track of your water usage and take action if it gets out of hand.

4 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Its Water Bill for 2022

Installing a water meter ensures that you only pay for the water you really use.

Regularly check in with your water provider and submit frequent meter readings to verify that you’re only paying for what your company uses.

Reduce Water Usage

Businesses in the United Kingdom use 30% more water than they need, and even small changes can make an enormous impact.

Check your water bills to see how much you’ve spent then keep track of how much water you and your staff regularly use so you have a better understanding of how much water you will really need.

Once you’ve defined how much you should be using, it’s time to put ideas into action to assist you in reducing your overall water usage and, eventually, save money.

Here are some water-saving ideas:

You will not only shave down the costs and cut your business’s water bill by reducing water consumption, but you will also be helping to conserve the environment, improve your business’s water footprint, and reduce carbon emissions.

Check For Water Leaks

Regularly monitoring for water leaks can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Encourage your employees to regularly identify leaks, look for leaky taps, leaks in bathrooms, and other types of water waste as a simple method to stay on top of things since leaks occur more often than you may imagine.

Make sure that all of your workers and business associates know where your main water supply is located so that it can be shut off as fast as possible if it does become necessary.

It’s a good idea to consider getting your pipes insulated to lessen the chance of broken water pipes and leaks.

It will ensure that your water does not freeze.

It’s also a good idea to regularly have your water pipes and boiler repaired and maintained by specialists.

This will assist in avoiding any possible water leaks and verifying that your equipment is functioning correctly.


Every business has an ethical obligation to save water.

Before achieving long-term savings, you must first determine how much water your company consumes.

It may also help the bottom line financially.

We hope that by following these tips, you will control your water use better and save money on your business’s water bill.