20 spring decorating trends 2022 for fresh home interiors all season

Fill your home with the freshest spring decorating trends to enjoy energizing interiors all season long. These looks welcome the outside-in, get tactile with natural textures, and experimental with color palettes so that whether you totally overhaul your space or make a few precise edits, you're sure to add all the good vibes into your surroundings.

From upgrading a multifunctional space with curated color infusions to reviving pre-loved furniture in bold upholstery for a sustainable update, the latest home decor trends 2022 for the spring season are all about creating a home that's as fabulous to look at, as it is functional.

Spring home decor trends to re-energize every space

Christy Biberich, founder and designer ofChristy B Home, comments: ‘Spring 2022 is all about color and pattern and lively interiors and decor. We are seeing a lot of bold, even clashing, color combos and pattern-on-pattern decorating trends. There is a movement away from minimalist, monochromatic design. People want to celebrate and bring joy into their homes. What better way than with fun colors and prints?’

With a defined approach to materials, color combinations, and elevating decorative details, there's a lot to copy from the spring decorating trends our experts are calling out.

Tisha Domingo, interior expert and CMO of lighting companyBrightech, says: ‘Spring home decor trends in 2022 are focused on mixing materials, high-tech decor, and curved furniture. Mixing materials speaks to the desire of wanting to have that unique piece no one else has, and it is done through mixing woods, metals, glass, etc. This can be seen as one piece, or this can be done by pairing multiple items in a room. High-tech decor is all about design evolving with technology. New technology creates a futuristic space. Curved pieces in both architecture and furniture are something our brains naturally love. This creates a signal of safety and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.’

Which spring-fresh trend will be your favorite for a cheerful home revamp?

1. Texture talks

2022 interiors are continuing to go big on texture, with an abundance of natural materials adding layers of organic tactility to multifunctional living spaces. Even walls and furniture are getting touchy-feely, with 3D wall paneling ideas for an added dimension.

Jen and Mar, founders, Interior Fox, say: ‘2021 paved the way for softer and more naturalistic interior trends, with an abundance of rattan and cane furniture, ceramics and linen elements dotted across the home. All sitting against a backdrop of texture wall techniques such as lime wash or micro-cement. We see this trend continuing into 2022 for a look that adds a sense of stripped-back ease whilst making a strong yet understated design trend.’

Julian Page, head of design atBHS lighting, says: ‘Bringing the outside in continues to be one of the biggest homewares trends of 2022, and with materials such as rattan and bamboo, you’re able to bring these natural materials and textures into the home.’

2. Biophilia – bringing the outdoors in

Interiors are focusing on creating a space that connects us to nature. Clean lines, layered textures and muted, dusky colors are combined to blend the boundaries between indoor outdoor living spaces, creating a holistic place to soothe the mind and invite quiet contemplation and relaxed conversation.

Subtle tones of chalky aqua and soft grays embrace an airy openness, while natural textures enhance the botanical greenery of indoor gardens and living walls. A deeper green grounds the palette adding depth and definition. The result is a calming space to appreciate nature and boost our wellbeing with interior hacks to improve mental health.

Kathryn Lloyd, color consultant,Crown, says: ‘An appreciation of the natural world, Liminal showcases modern minimalism, with beautifully crafted furnishings and a quiet palette of neutral tonal color. Homeowners are now wisely considering exactly what they place in a room, so much so that a space becomes carefully curated. The result is a retreat consisting of dry, chalky, comforting textures and single use, easy on the eye, color.’

Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George, says: ‘Renowned for its natural connection and ability to create enduring calm, our key trend for 2022 and beyond, calls in the power of healing greens. Evoking memories of deep forests,moss covered trees and new leaves; green is the color of the great outdoors and when introduced to the home reveals a feeling of energy, new life and opportunity. As one of the most versatile colours to decorate with and weave throughout your interior, our love affair with green continues to grow as we look for new and exciting ways to bring nature indoors. From sumptuous sofas to glassware, ceramics and cozy accessories, green is fast becomingthe new black.’

Feeling the green serene? Try a versatile green living room idea for a grass is greener scheme refresh.

3. Statement checks and stripes

Wander ‘off-grid’ to a playful aesthetic, and introduce pattern into your home with graphic checkerboard patterns and stripes in colorful contrasts, across painted floor ideas, walls and everything in between!

Forget the safe plain-plaid, this season checks and stripes are bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before. Cheerfully hot-trotted from the catwalk into happy homes, this rustic-ruffled pattern comes freshly delivered with a breezy, mischievous attitude - giving upholstery and everyday homeware a cheerful dollop of whimsical wholesomeness. Generational in appeal, and charming the socks off city and country dwellers alike, chirpy-checks tick all the new-nostalgia ‘boxes’.

Jon Flannigan, product manager atKersaint Cobb, says: ‘Stripes! ‘Stripes are a key trend in interiors with many working with a variety of materials to create inviting room schemes. Light colors and stripes are particularly effective in narrow hallways. Soft, pale-colored flooring brightens up a small area, creating the illusion of space and giving a light, airy look. Stripes add visual interest to the floor and for those tight on space, it is worth remembering that linear stripes can help to enlarge the appearance of a room, this is especially effective in hallways as the stripe draws the eye along the design and thus appears to elongate the area. Striped flooring is also ideal in high traffic areas as it will withstand the effects of dirt and wear better than plain and flat single color flooring.’

Anna Cross, Buying Manager,Habitat, says: ‘Filtering across from the fashion sphere, gingham is the print of the moment. What started as a must-have for picnic blankets and tablecloths, is now popular across tableware and home accessories. We’ve included new designs on both grand and small scales: try as a statement bedlinen if you’re feeling bold or opt for a simple printed ceramic vase for a more subtle approach.’

4. Outdoor kitchens

Taking our spring decorating outside, as naturally over the past two years we have gravitated towards making our backyards an extension of our homes. Indeed, the rise of the outdoor kitchen has rocketed, as we seek an all-season approach to cooking and entertaining alfresco. From an undercover workstation with a wood-fire pizza oven, to a portable cooking station with a gas grill on wheels, you can create a bespoke outdoor kitchen design that suits your style tastebuds and outside space.

Declan Kingsley-Walsh, MD atMorsø, comments: ‘An outdoor kitchen gives you ample opportunity to cook and eat outdoors, whatever the season, and as outdoor kitchens now come in a multitude of sizes and forms, you have more reason to get outside and make the most of your outdoor space, whether you have a large garden or a smaller patio. Outdoor kitchens can also include a dining table with outdoor dining chairs, and relaxing space, perfect for creating a comfortable, full functional space where you can enjoy cooking, dining and socializing all year round.’

5. Fluid curves

Cocoon-style architecture, furniture, decorative accessories, and curved lighting inspired by the female form lends a flowing, soft aesthetic in all contemporary spaces. A key living room trend 2022, shapely silhouettes nod to a sculptural style, with a sociable twist.

Georgia Zikas, Georgia Zikas Designs, comments: ‘I have noticed a lot of arches and curves reappearing, and the heavier use of soft lines lately (demi-lune tables, barrel back chairs, and arched doorways, etc). I predict that we will see more of this in the coming months - both in architecture and in our furnishings. I welcome it! I always appreciate the classical forms, and curves never age.‘

Trend experts atLa Redoute, comment: ‘Reflect the natural curves of the earth, moon and the ocean… As comforting as an encompassing hug, curves add a soft and gentle feel to any room. A round coffee table zones a space while round cushions, spherical lighting and curved shelves bring this appealing look to life.’

6. Jungalow takeover

Just as we’re taking interior luxuries outdoors, we’re welcoming greenery and the hottest houseplant trends 2022 in, with jungalow inspired schemes that breathe fresh life into any space, with a free-spirited bohemian flourish.

Justina Blakeney, owner of Los Angeles interior design business, Jungalow, nails the jungalow aesthetic. Check out@thejungalow for inspiring examples of incorporating lots of plants into the home with colorful jungle prints, and shop her Jungalow picks for Target.

Lance Thomas, lead designer at Thomas Guy Interiors, says: ‘As plants and flowers bloom outside, we are also seeing more and more greenery indoors this time of year as a welcome mood boost after the long winter months.’

Helen Shaw, director,Benjamin Moore, says: ‘Eclectic boho interiors have been popular for a while, but this new look moves the trend forward, creating a sleeker, smarter, tailored look. Paint walls and woodwork in a deep, dark base shade such asMediterranean Teal, then add a trim detail in a contrasting accent color – likeArizona Tan – highlighting features in the room such as fire surrounds and window frames. Complete this grown up scheme with the boho staples: textured Berber rugs, vintage furniture, plenty of plants and brass accessories.’

Mark Osborne, Director atOrangeries UK, says: ‘The 'living plant wall,' which has a plethora of other DIY videos available online, has been a crowd favorite. This lovely wall of greenery brightens up any room (literally) and serves as a magnificent highlight in your home.’

7. Expressive-experimental walls

Interior paint color trends 2022 are getting playful and creative with mixed palettes, color contrast walls and, painted patterns on walls, floors, and even the ceiling. This look is all about expressing your home’s individuality and personality to maximalist effect with creative DIY wall paint ideas.

Predicting how color palettes will continue to enliven our homes with the spirit of optimism and possibility, Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen, design director of Kvadrat brandSahco, says: ‘Spring presents a natural moment to rethink our interiors. We are living in a time when we need to be more expressive and open emotionally, and this should be reflected in our homes, which can be done quite easily with color blocking.’

‘This season we are looking to bright and hopeful shades such as buttery yellow, pistachio green, Sakura pink and open sky blue to welcome warmth and freshness. Our homes should not be seen as following a specific trend per se, but as a repository for personal energy or a sort of personal memoir as we enter this new chapter.’

8. Old is the NEW new

Interiors experts the world over are in agreement on this one – this year we need to rethink how we can update and utilize what we’ve already got. Kinder for the planet (not to mention purse strings!) and you’ll be rewarded with something utterly unique. Get your flip on and learn how to upcycle a coffee table, as a taster project to get you hooked.

Mimi Meacham, Marian Louise Designs, comments on repurposing existing furniture: ‘Due to the global supply chain crisis, new furniture is getting harder and harder to come by, so I predict we will all have to get a little more creative to find inspiration in the treasures that we already own.’

20 spring decorating trends 2022 for fresh home interiors all season

‘For an easy DIY idea, try lacquering antique bamboo chairs in a bright coral pink. Make some custom cushions for them, and after this glow-up, your chairs will look and feel fresh and new.’

Jennifer and Kate, of Perlmutter & Freiwald, agree: ‘I would say that for spring we are going to see an "everything old is new again" trend. With all the material shortages and delayed shipping, I think people are going to refresh the pieces that they currently have. The result is a unique piece of furniture with a ton of personality and history that defies all categories.’

Julia Miller, Yond Interiors, says: ‘Given the mounting supply chain issues, I think that we will be seeing so many vintage pieces integrated into spaces. Vintage is a great way to add instant character and given that vintage items are readily available, they will make it a wonderful addition to any space. If you're new to vintage shopping, starting with a few accessories for shelf styling can be a great place to get your feet wet. We love shopping sites like Etsy and 1stDibs for great one-of-a-kind pieces.’

Mel Bean, designer and creative director of Mel Bean Interiors, says: ‘I'm seeing a huge resurgence in antique items. I believe we'll see more homes have a combination of new furnishings with collected items that have meaning. Mix older items with current decor trends and the old-meets-new space become truly one-of-a-kind.’

Peti Lau, trend expert and international interior designer, Kaiyo, comments on vintage and sustainable decor: ‘Vintage is having a huge moment right now. Not only is it a more responsible way to up-cycle, but I love vintage and antique furniture pieces because you will always get a unique look. It’s a fantastic way to bring an element of surprise and a conversation piece to any space. One-of-a-kind finds are the best way to tell a story. Add this amazing vintage bar cart to your living room and impress your guests, Or this beautiful vintage mirror and headboard to give your bedroom a Parisian feel.’

9. Lighting as art

Artful lighting fixtures that balance form with function are casting a glow, whilst adding visual interest, even when they’re not switched on.

Design duo Niki Wright and Scarlett Hampton, founders of lighting companylights&lamps, comments: ‘We are designing products with exaggerated scale to create interest and a sense of fun. This could be across a collection of lamps with a similar textured surface, or the use of geometric shapes such as domes, cones and globes. A statement lamp can have such gravitas in a living room whilst a similarly shaped lamp in a smaller scale can be a lot more practical in a nook or placed on a small shelf whilst still coordinating.’

Wright continues: ‘We have also seen a great response to our bathroom lighting ideas. People are becoming more adventurous in the design of their bathrooms and so designing lighting that complements those schemes and pushes the boundaries of what is “normally” seen in these spaces is another trend we will continue to fulfill.’

Julian Page, head of design atBHS lighting, says: ‘As the days get longer throughout the spring months, choosing a lighting fixture that looks just as good on, as it does off, is very important. It’s always best to choose a light that emits a soft golden glow throughout your interiors, creating a calming and restful surrounding.’

‘Gone are the days when lighting was just a lamp on a table. Today, light fixtures are structural art pieces,’ says Dinah Wulf, DIY blogger and real estate investor in research conducted by Lamps Plus.

10. Desert destinations

Drench your home in sunbaked shades and trail mix patterns, for a destination look full of earthy warmth and textural details, with a laid-back feel.

Trends experts atFurniture Village, say: ‘From Morocco to New Mexico, desert destinations are always brimming with interiors inspiration. White-washed walls, patterned kilim rugs, exposed wooden beams, and an array of rich, earthen hues are just some of the design details for this seasonal look. Taking its cue from sunbaked earth and glorious pink skies, colors are tonal moving from dark terracotta through to a soft dusky rose.’

Shown here in this cozy boho bedroom idea: ‘Woven rugs and tactile linen bedding create layers within the look and help to shape the all-important relaxed vibe. Reclaimed wood furniture adds extra texture, and it wouldn’t be a desert-inspired dwelling without a succulent or two.’

Home experts atSIGNULART, say: ‘With traveling in 2022 set to hopefully become easier, interiors that reflect your travels are also on the rise, and a great way to get you excited for the summer months ahead. By displaying artworks and design pieces from different countries you can create an adventurous atmosphere in your home.’

11. Dark wood

It’s out with the Scandi-blonde shades, and in with rich dark tones that add a sophisticated yet luxurious finish to interior spaces.

Sue Kim,Minwax color marketing manager, says: ‘ In 2022, wood design goes bold with large, striking wooden accents taking center stage such as barn doors, walls and fireplaces. A midcentury modern coffee table wood stained in a darker hue elevates the look and helps to create a focal point of a living space.’

Julia Miller ofYond Interiors, says: ‘Light wood tones have held the design spotlight for quite some time, but we are often drawn to wood tones of all varieties. We’ve been using walnut more than ever before, and can’t wait to see which other wood tones and species make their way to the market this year.’

12. Cheerful garden rooms

Creating a vibrant and cohesive theme in the garden to add interest to your exterior is a bright and blooming spring decor trend for 2022. Moving away from a blended scheme that harmonizes with the natural landscape, garden rooms are getting expressive and bold with saturated color pops across walls, fences, outdoor furniture, and weatherproof, outdoor cushions.

Matthew Brown, technical consultant,Sadolin and Sandtex, comments: ‘One thing we often recommend regardless of the size, is to consider creating a theme around which your colors and accessories naturally flow.’

He continues: ‘A Mediterranean-themed space with warm earthy tones such as reds, browns, oranges as well as blues makes for a stunning exotic environment. Don’t forget that you can often afford to be more adventurous in a private space at the rear of a property, even if you choose to be more conservative at the front due to the higher visibility.’

Choose trendy outdoor lounge chairs to create the comfiest of fresh-air, chill-out environments.

13. Dreamy lilac hues

Try a purple bedroom idea for a dreamy update that will help you drift off...

Helen Shaw, director,Benjamin Moore, says: ‘Lilac fell out of favor for a time, but this season it’s making a comeback- albeit in a more sophisticated and less saccharine incarnation.

African Violet has a chic gray undertone that lends it a pleasingly mineral edge, ensuring it always looks contemporary and stylish. Team it with sleek black furniture, putty gray linens and tactile hand-thrown ceramic accessories in rose pink and charcoal for a smart, gallery-style interior, then inject hits of vivid deep purple to energize the space.’

David Harris, design director at Andrew Martin, says: ‘The color lavender conjures a charming and sophisticated feel, visions of rolling purple fields in Provence with delicate floral scents. Most often, lavender is used on the walls. But having all the walls in a room painted lavender can be a bit too much so an accent wall is preferred. To add a contemporary touch to this relaxing shade, I’d pair it with soft gray hues for a cool and contemporary scheme.’

14. Statement wall florals

It’s out with the ditzy shrinking violets, and in with the stylized, super-scaled florals as wallpaper trends 2022 bloom, grow and show with vivacious perspectives.

Storytelling wallpaper designer,Sian Zeng, says: 'Florals have come a long way since their association with fuss and frills. From the twee addition of a rose-patterned sofa to the groovy wallpaper of the 70s, florals have taken all manner of shapes and sizes in interior design, bringing color, fun and a touch of nature to the home.’

‘As paired-back minimal spaces make way for more creative and colorful interiors, unique, modern and stylish floral wallpapers walk the line between the very real beauty of nature and the imagination.’

15. Bright delight window shutters

Looking for the hottest window treatment ideas? Already seen as a sophisticated and stylish window treatment, shutters are also a great way of experimenting with color in the home.

Sam Tamlyn, operations manager,Shutterly Fabulous, comments: ‘By incorporating vibrant shades on a smaller scale, shutters allow you to achieve the desired look without the color dominating the room. A shutter ‘color matching service’ provides the option of selecting tones to complement furniture and accessories, or contrast with the existing interior scheme for a real style statement.’

‘With windows and doors providing natural focal points in the home, colorful shutters can work with the light to inject color in an effective and controlled manner. Choose from solid shutters for a full paneled color addition or the classic slatted style to work with the light, encouraging it to flood the room.’

Chrissie Harper, customer experience manager atCalifornia Shutters, advises: ‘It’s important to carefully consider which colors to choose for your shutters as, unlike walls or decorative accessories, you will keep them in situ for a far longer period of time. That being said, if you have a clear vision as to how you want your room to look, choosing a vibrant shade can really lift your scheme.’

‘Brightly coloured shutters make a great alternative to a feature wall. Bold statement colors such as blue, orange and pink are ideal for creating a focal point. Use a matching paint color on the surrounding walls or add a statement wallpaper to make a real impact.’

‘If you are not that brave, consider alternatives to traditional white finishes. Soft, subtle pastels add an element of interest without overwhelming a room. The important thing is to create a space that reflects your personality so have fun designing your décor.’

‘From a more practical point of view make sure, whatever color you opt for, that the shutter style you choose meets your needs. Full height or solid shutters work well with color and create a simple, clean look that will give your whole room light when opened. Tier on tier and café style designs are great when you want to balance privacy with letting light into the room.’

16. Patterns of personality

This spring, pattern mixing like a pro is a key trend to enhance the energy in any space, creating a bold, impactful aesthetic. Hurrah to homes getting joyful, spirited, and packed with personality!

Peti Lau, trend expert and international interior designer,Kaiyo, comments: ‘Bold patterns and colors are perfect for maximalist lovers. It’s about the wow factor! With the change of season comes warmer weather! Adding bold pops of color to your home is a fun way to bring excitement into your day, along with uplifting your mood and energy. It’s also so easy to achieve, you can add colorful pillows, beautiful flowers, ottomans, and even upholster some chairs.’

Mimi Meacham,Marian Louise Designs, comments: ‘I am seeing a trend happening with my client's upholstery choices, that I have long adhered to... bolder upholstery! I couldn't be happier to see sturdy, reliable upholstery frames turn into spectacular pieces of art with luxe, colorful fabric choices! It brightens up any room, draws the eye and provides a place to rest your tired feet.’

Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder ofStone House Collective, says: ‘Minimal monochrome is out, and eye-catching pattern is in! If you want to make a space pop, install bold colored wallpaper, and mix-and-match with other patterns on accents in a space like throw pillows or blankets. Another option is to ground the room with a graphic area rug that makes a statement while showing off your personality.’

17. ‘Slow living’ neutrals

Choose colored neutrals or try a cream living room idea to create an airy space with a classic, timeless feel.

Helen Shaw, director,Benjamin Moore, says: ‘Neutrals with a hint of color are subtle but powerful. They lift a space while retaining a sense of tranquility. Choose two harmonious colored neutrals such asGray Mirage andMisted Green and paint a wall in bands (use the darker neutral on the lower part of the wall and the paler on the top half) to make an instant visual impact. This trend is perfect for a refined ‘slow living’ style; a celebration of understated simplicity.’

Home experts atCarpetright, comment: ‘The New Minimalism trend exudes understated beauty, it offers a neutral palette and clean lines that are softened with the authentic detailing of natural materials such as stone, wood, wool and marble. This is a minimalism that is carefully considered yet still comfortable, incorporating enough natural color to feel homely whilst retaining a modern industrial edge that looks timelessly stylish and works in any area of the home.’

18. Sunshine spirit

Right on cue for spring, sunshine shades are dazzling interiors with positive vibes. From mellow lemon curd, to spicy turmeric, there’s a yummy-honey, yellow decor buy to brighten up any space.

Lacy Hughes, Julian Design, comments: ‘Updating your neutrals with a pop of happiness - yellow seems to be something we saw over and over again at market, I think people want to create a sense of happiness around them after the last two years having been so hard and it starts with their home.’

Karin Sun, textile veteran and founder ofCrane & Canopy, says: ‘The coloryellow symbolizes the sun and can be seen in a variety of spring flowers. It also brings a happy feeling into the yellow bedroom with its bright hue, which is exactly what we want for spring. If you want to make a bold statement, use a yellowduvet orquilt. If you’re looking for something subtle, a yellowthrow pillow orsheets might be a good option. Whatever yellow you use, it is sure to brighten up your room this spring.

19. Clever spring-spruce storage solutions

Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder ofStone House Collective, says: ‘Storage has become an integral part of the design process. More than ever, people are finding function just as important as aesthetic, and I anticipate that it will continue to dominate. With “spring cleaning” just around the corner, hidden storage solutions - such a sofa chaise or a coffee table ottoman that opens up to store extra throw blankets and pillows - allows you to clear the clutter while adding polish to a room.’

20. Reset with watery shades of blue

Wind down, feel the warmth of the sun, absorb the scents of jasmine and lemon and drift with the ebb and flow of lapping water with inspiring blue room ideas…

Justyna Korczynsha, color consultant,Crown, says: ’This color trend is evocative of the most breath-taking view in the most memorable of destinations. Poster art was one of the key drivers for this trend. More and more visual artists and illustrators are creating stylized and simplistic figurative illustrations with relaxing Mediterranean- inspired themes and color palettes, bringing a sense of calm on to people’s walls.’

‘The different blues drift from one to the next in this watercolor palette, which helps create a positive effect on our wellbeing, Warm ochres, sandy hues and hessian textures restore equilibrium with organic naturalness.’

She concludes: ‘Immersing ourselves in the big blue will ensure all our senses can have therapeutic properties. Use this calming color palette of soothing blues and gentle warm neutrals to reset yourself back to balance.’

Design experts atCarpetright say: ‘Blue has long been an interiors favorite and this seasons’ trend for beautiful blues is the perfect example of just how versatile and easy to style the color is. Whether you choose to opt for a bold vivid shade, a dappled muted effect or a darker moodier vibe, the key for this look is to layer lighter to deeper shades through flooring, soft furnishings, wall coverings and accessories for a harmonious look.’

What is the latest spring decorating trend for 2022

Cameron, CEO & Founder ofNickson Living,comments: 'A key trend we've seen so far this spring is natural materials and elements. Materials such as rattan, jute, bamboo, and linen are being used to bring in a dimensional texture to the space. Easy ways to incorporate these materials could be in storage baskets, accent furniture, and textiles.'

'Plants, trees, and greenhouses are becoming more popular and a great way to bring the great outdoors into the great indoors. Plant walls and indoor trees are a great addition to office workspaces. Tabletop or wall gardens are great adds to a kitchen, especially in urban cities.'

'Flex spaces have also risen in demand since the pandemic. Home workspaces have been a common ask with our customers who work from home or remotely. More people are looking to work, sleep, and socialize all in the same space. Combining the kitchen with the dining area is a great way to house two spaces in one. Creating this workstation nook or incorporating more functional design to gather and entertain will accomplish the need of a flexible space.'

How can I spruce up my house for spring?

Farah Merhi, style expert for Designer Looks Furniture, says: ‘Giving your room a spring refresh can be as simple as rearranging your furniture to feel new and fresh! Plus, this allows homeowners to do a deep clean from the winter’s build-up. If you find yourself having more space due to your room’s new layout, you could add in a comfortable accent chair that matches the season! One of my favorites is the Egg chair, from Designer Looks Furniture, because it adds a bit of bohemian flair and can be used indoor and outdoor, which helps to move about the elements!

Peti Lau, trend expert and international interior designer,Kaiyo, comments on the textured furniture trend: ‘Adding texture to your space will be big this spring, and also makes for a great way to refresh your space. Adding a textured mirror, rug, or even sideboardis the best way to achieve this.’